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The extended application of corrugated and composite paperboard products (II)

the use of corrugated and composite paperboard and its market forecast corrugated and composite paperboard can be used in many industries

construction and decoration industry: non bearing walls, partitions, protective walls, curtain walls, wallboards, indoor partitions, decorative boards, folding screens, prefabricated houses, ceilings, floors, indoor doors, ceilings, tourist rooms, all kinds of sheds, kiosks, book and newspaper kiosks Anti theft door filling materials, etc

vehicle and vessel manufacturing industry: vehicle and vessel outer body, wallboard, bulkhead, warehouse board, deck, seat, table, etc

furniture industry: all kinds of lightweight computer tables, chairs, containers, shelves, bookshelves, cabinets, ball tables and other lightweight materials

warehouse transportation industry: all kinds of disposable pallets, turnover pallets, turnover boxes, etc

Agriculture: all kinds of livestock sheds, seedling beds, flower pots, storage materials, etc

film and television industry: stage sets, film, television props, sets, etc

exhibition industry: partitions, display stands, advertising boards, teaching appliances, children's toys, etc. of various exhibitions

burial industry: sanitary coffins for cremation, etc

main applications of corrugated composite paperboard for extended use

the application of corrugated and composite paperboard and its products in China's packaging industry is mainly in the following aspects: slow; Middle liner; Paper tray and composite tray; Angle brace and rib; Other slow; Medium structural parts, such as cushion, interlayer, baffle and directly formed buffer of transportation package or pallet packaging unit; Medium structural members, etc; Transportation and packaging of large household appliances, heavy communication products and non heavy mechanical and electrical products. Slow; Since the corrugated board has good cushioning properties, such as medium liner, angle brace, etc; Yinhuaneng is used as a cushioning pad and isolation plate for packaging, and its composite sandwich structure makes it slow; The induced energy is better than that of corrugated board. When using it as a corner pad, it is generally necessary to cut a layer of face paper and core paper of the cardboard according to the size. Only keep another layer of tissue paper to be scratched, and connect several cushion blocks on different sides with this layer of tissue paper, and then cover the corresponding parts of the inner contents to be protected. And slow; Similar to the middle liner, corrugated composite paperboard can also be used as the corner brace and rib protector of transportation packages, which is particularly suitable for collective packaging. Corrugated paperboard can also be used according to the device size

; Medium voltage molding, positioning the device. Paper tray

because corrugated composite paperboard has good plane compression resistance, it can be completely used for the upper and lower planks in the tray, as well as the longitudinal beam or cushion block of the tray. At this time, according to the standard size of the longitudinal beam or cushion block, it is made of several layers of thick corrugated cardboard, that is to say, the whole pallet is made of corrugated cardboard only

Application of corrugated composite paperboard in construction

paperboard has high strength, light weight, heat insulation and sound insulation, and is especially suitable for making buildings, decorative materials and products. It is light and can reduce the load-bearing of the building, while the new energy number "takes Whatever it wants", so it is particularly suitable for the high-rise buildings with frame light plate structure that are being promoted. At the same time, because of its good heat insulation and sound insulation effect, it can make salty walls, partitions, doors, etc. Relevant data show that at present, wall materials account for about 70% of building materials in China. The State Construction Commission and others have jointly issued a notice that from June 1, 2000, the use of solid clay bricks has been banned in buildings, and the use of new wall materials has been actively promoted, which has created conditions for the "corrugated composite honeycomb paperboard gypsum" composite interior wall market and created a good external environment for the application of corrugated composite honeycomb paperboard in construction

application of corrugated composite paperboard in funeral industry

the "sanitary coffin" made of corrugated composite honeycomb paperboard with low price is suitable for one-time use, safe and hygienic, and completely solves the problems of high cost and unsanitary of "turnover coffin". At the same time, "sanitary coffin" adhesive adopts pollution-free starch glue, which meets the requirements of non-toxic, tasteless and residue free during combustion

application of fine corrugated board in agriculture

single layer panel can be used as agricultural seedling trough. Using this kind of seedling tank to raise seedlings indoors can not only solve the shortage of light, heat and water resources in agricultural production, but also avoid diseases and pests during the growth period of seedlings, and it can be degraded during transplantation, unlike plastic bags, which will cause environmental pollution. In addition, paper tubes and barrels can also be used for breeding, seedling raising appliances and flower pots

usage and market forecast of corrugated and composite paperboard

market demand analysis: Taking motorcycles as an example, China produces about 10million motorcycles every year. If 75% of them use corrugated composite paperboard packaging boxes, and each unit uses 7m2, corrugated composite paperboard is required. The surface of this material is made of thermoplastic plastic, and the composite paperboard is 50million square meters

according to the prediction of relevant experts, the potential market of corrugated honeycomb composite paperboard is very huge, and if it is also better applied in the construction industry, the demand will be greater. The production and application of corrugated honeycomb composite paperboard will rise to a climax in China, and its market demand will exceed hundreds of millions of square meters every year. Corrugated honeycomb composite paperboard will be welcomed by users with low price and excellent performance

it is estimated that the export volume of China's products will reach 100billion US dollars by 2005, which will double that of 2000. The packaging boxes required for its export products will slow down; The demand for medium-sized liners and pallets is amazing. With the increasing development of market economy, foreign trade and the continuous improvement of consumers' awareness of environmental protection, paper pallets and substitute wood packaging boxes are greatly favored, and corrugated composite cardboard and other packaging materials and packaging products are even more unstoppable

at present, China consumes about 40million to 50million wood pallets every year. If about 50% of them are replaced by corrugated composite cardboard trays, 20million to 25million will be needed. According to relevant foreign statistics, if corrugated composite paperboard is widely used in packaging, construction, vehicle and vessel transportation, furniture, agriculture, film and television, exhibition and other industries, the social demand will increase by at least three times. According to this ratio, it is conservatively estimated that at present, China's annual demand for corrugated composite cardboard pallets is at least about 100million. Together with the annual demand of about 150million in Hong Kong, the current total demand in China can reach about 200million. Of course, compared with developed countries, the current demand level of corrugated composite board in China is still relatively low. Japan's annual demand is about 370million, the United States about 800million, and the European Union. 300million. According to relevant statistics, the annual consumption of pallets in China was about 45million in 2001. If corrugated composite cardboard is used instead of wood, 90% of wood and 2/3 of funds can be saved. This alone can save 15billion yuan. Moreover, corrugated composite paperboard can be recycled, which has a significant contribution to the protection of forest resources and the maintenance of ecological balance

good social benefits

the production technology of corrugated composite board has extensive social benefits and excellent economic benefits. Replacing wood packaging with corrugated cardboard packaging can save a lot of wood resources. Each ton of recycled corrugated composite cardboard can replace the manufacture of skin, and 30 to 50 cubic meters of wood can be wrapped with dry carbon fiber tape; If only the packaging of mechanical and electrical products can be replaced by 1/3 every year, 1.1 million cubic meters can be saved, which is more than 3million cubic meters of logs, and a large amount of waste paper can be recycled and the discarded packaging can be recycled. According to experts' estimates, the annual production of corrugated composite paperboard of hundreds of millions of square meters can save millions of cubic meters of wood and create an output value of billions of yuan. Coupled with the reduction of packaging costs to promote product exports, its social benefits are immeasurable

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