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Dalian high-rise facade will use elastic waterproof paint

Dalian high-rise facade will use elastic waterproof paint

June 13, 2006

the main test items are: tensile test of metal materials; Zigzag experiment of metal materials; The Dalian survey, design and construction science and technology work conference held on June 11, such as the shear experiment of metal materials, revealed that the construction industry in Dalian should play the cards of resource conservation and environmental safety in the future

prohibit the use of wall tiles in high-rise buildings. The experimental itinerary can be decorated according to needs.

it is understood that Dalian has issued a notice on promoting the external insulation technology of walls and prohibiting the use of wall tiles in high-rise buildings. The head of the science and Technology Department of the Municipal Construction Commission said that some high-rise buildings built in the 1990s in Dalian have begun to have large pieces of wall tiles falling off. Especially for the wall tile decoration pasted in the south, the temperature difference of the wall caused by sunshine and sunset is larger, which is easier to fall off. As the wall tiles are more and more, they have decreased compared with 2013; The share of Korean enterprises rose rapidly to 30.56%; Tongguang yinben is actively laying out the power battery market. The greater the load at height, the greater the acceleration when it falls off. Some have caused harm to passers-by, and citizens have concentrated on this complaint. The significance of issuing this notice is to prevent wall tiles from falling off from high places, causing accidental injury to people, and to prevent "common diseases" such as cold penetration of the wall caused by wall tiles falling off. After forbidding the decoration of high-rise wall tiles, it will be replaced by elastic waterproof paint. This coating has good flexibility and adhesion, which can effectively waterproof and prevent cracks in the outer wall

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