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Expression of corporate image design

1 Logo -- symbol of business communication

Lin Panshuang, a famous CI designer in Taiwan and manager of Taiwan Dengtai design consulting company, believes that in the development of CI design, the creation of logo, standard word and standard color is the most difficult, which is the core of the whole CI recognition system and the best expression of design ability. The three elements of logo, standard word and standard color are the external concentrated expression of the connotation of enterprise status, scale, strength, dignity and concept. They are the core of visual image design (VI). They constitute the first feature and basic temperament of the enterprise. At the same time, they are also the unified symbols that are widely spread and recognized by the public. The visual image recognition in CI is based on them. Therefore, these three elements have become the core and focus of CI design.

logo, which can be divided into enterprise logo and brand, is the text name, pattern mark or a combination of the two of the enterprise or commodity to symbolize the characteristics of the enterprise or commodity. After the sign is registered, the state will confirm it in legal form. As a specific symbol, the symbol is the synthesis and concentration of corporate image, characteristics, reputation and culture. Although it is only a code, it spreads very rich content.

signs should play a role in communication, so that the addressee can take the initiative after understanding the original meaning of the sign (such as adding a good impression of the enterprise to consumers, making investors feel confident, etc.), which requires that the information in the process of "coding" and "decoding" is not distorted, that is, it does not damage the original meaning of the sign. Because the recipient's "decoding" process is passive, he only understands it with his own values and conscious standards, which poses a greater problem to the communicator, the designer of the logo. On the one hand, he must deeply understand the symbol and significance represented by the logo: the status, scale, purpose, concept, strategy, style and so on of the enterprise; On the other hand, he must also hit the psychology of the people being conveyed with the logo designed to arouse their resonance.

in order to meet these two requirements, the most important thing for designers is to have a creative thinking practice based on human visual experience and psychological experience, that is, creativity. The creativity of this design expresses his ideas after understanding the communication content. It can be completed not only by perceptual knowledge, but also by a grounded and rational creation. 

2. Standard words -- sense and balanced performance

standard words, as a symbol and symbol, can also express rich content, so they must not be taken lightly in design. Design experts found that the "font composed of thin lines" is easy to associate with fiber products, perfume and cosmetics.

"smooth matte texture and smooth skin tactile font different from ordinary nylon" is easy to associate with the fact that China's power battery industry has gone out of the mode of investment for market soap, cakes and candy.

"angular font" is easy to associate with machinery and industrial supplies.

in the design of standard characters, the most important thing is to pay attention to the coordination and coordination of each word, balance and unity, so as to make it aesthetic and balanced

 3. Standard color -- enterprise's personality color

standard color is a special color selected by the enterprise through special design to represent the enterprise image. It is generally 1 ~ 2 kinds, no more than 3 kinds are appropriate. It is widely used in logo recognition, advertising, packaging, uniforms, architectural decoration, exhibit display, flags, office supplies and other application design projects, and is an important basic design element of enterprise visual recognition

in recent years, a non-governmental organization is gradually attracting public attention. This is Greenpeace. In addition to the improvement of people's social and environmental awareness, Greenpeace can rise rapidly and have a great influence in the world. One of the success factors cannot be ignored. This is the color strategy adopted by Greenpeace. Greenpeace takes green as the standard color of the organization and uses it uniformly on posters, propaganda cars, etc. in addition, green means nature and symbolizes peace and tranquility. As a result, it leaves a deep impression on the public and forms a great appeal. Psychologists have found through investigation that various colors have different effects on people's feelings, attention and thinking personality. Colorful colors provide the basis for the identification of the organization's visual image and become one of the effective means for the organization to shape its personal image. The choice of VI color in CI has become an important weapon in the competition of corporate image.

4. The standard color design should follow the following principles:

(test item: Change Performance Experiment 1) the standard color design of the enterprise should highlight the enterprise style and reflect the nature, purpose and business policy of the enterprise.

(2) the design of standard colors should make differences to clearly show the unique personality of the enterprise.

(3) the design of standard colors should be conducive to the sales promotion of enterprise products, open up the market, and be consistent with the psychology of consumers

for example, the first Kanye Bank of Japan focuses on the image of the heart. The company's various logos use the standard color red, symbolizing warm and thoughtful service. In the United States, tcby chain stores are characterized by the operation of various yoghurt. All chain semicolons are decorated with green and gray yellow. The reason why tcby chose these two colors is that "they symbolize nature and health", which is very conducive to attracting customers to drink. Another example is that Osaka gas company of Japan also uses blue as the standard color. Gas is the root of fire and is dangerous. Enterprises selling dangerous goods are eager for safety and trust. Blue is water color and has the image of extinguishing fire. At the same time, the image of blue is calm and calm. In this way, Osaka gas company uses blue as the standard color, showing safety and reliability, and can win people's favor.

(4) there is an approximate corresponding relationship between the design hardness value and strength value of the standard color, which should meet the trend of internationalization. Now, the color of enterprises in the world is gradually changing from red to blue, pursuing a color symbol that reflects reason and high-tech precision. The Japanese design industry believes that "Japanese enterprises are moving towards internationalization step by step, and the phenomenon of taking not only red enthusiasm but also blue reason as the goal is clearly emerging."

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