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Zongzi blowing "slimming style" simple packaging is popular

the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, zongzi has jumped early or the axis is too dirty or rusty, and it has been placed in a prominent position on the supermarket counter. According to a visit to several large supermarkets in Hangzhou, compared with previous years, zongzi has become slimmer this year, and the affordable and simple zongzi have played a leading role. In terms of materials, they also emphasize nutrition and health. A few days ago, I saw at Century Lianhua Supermarket in the west of Hangzhou that this year's zongzi sales are mainly featured by the affordable brand. The price of gift boxes placed in the most prominent position ranges from 40 yuan to 100 yuan, and gift boxes above 100 yuan are rare. Ms. Wang, a salesperson of the supermarket, said that compared with the gift boxes that sold for thousands of yuan with a bottle of red wine and a box of tea in zongzi in previous years, the gift boxes in the same year of these two cylinders are very affordable, mostly within 100 yuan. Consumers also pay more attention to zongzi itself, which is a bit like the trend of yielding. In addition, zongzi has also taken the mini and healthy route. In addition to small zongzi, which are especially popular one by one, many zongzi are no longer made of old-fashioned glutinous rice, but mixed with red beans, corn, black glutinous rice, job's tears, oats, sago and other cereals. Some cake shops have also launched zongzi with fruit stuffing and chocolate, paying more attention to the diversification and personalization of zongzi. In addition to the hot sales of zongzi in physical stores, many e-commerce companies have also targeted the business opportunity of the Dragon Boat Festival and launched a series of activities such as discounts and promotions early. Their main zongzi are also popular. Search in shopping stations such as Taobao found that the price of the hundreds of Yuan zongzi gift box will depend on the cost of corn sugar processing and the replaceable demand of renewable plastics for traditional petrochemical derived plastics. The best-selling is the plain packaging of 20 to 40 yuan. Industry insiders said that most of the luxury zongzi gift boxes previously launched were for business purposes. Since this year, the business of high-end cigarettes and alcohol and high-end hotels has been affected by the restriction of three public consumption, which has been much lighter. Zongzi producers are also sizing up the situation and making more articles for the mass consumer market

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