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Zoomlion 800 ton crawler crane Iran "wingspan"

Zoomlion 800 ton crawler crane Iran "wingspan"

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recently, quy800, the engineering crane branch of crane company, as China's largest export tonnage crawler crane in 2013, was highly praised by customers in the construction of takistan phase I wind farm project, a national key project in Iran

quy800 at the construction site of takistan project in Iran

this quy800 crane was purchased by a well-known Iranian enterprise. At that time, it was the highest boom and the largest tonnage lifting equipment in Iran, and all major Iranian media rushed to report. As it undertakes the construction of takistan project, the largest project in Iran, construction contractors and end users from all over Iran have also come to the construction site to investigate. During the on-site construction, quy800 completed the installation task with high quality, high performance and high efficiency, which will alleviate the power pressure in Tehran, the capital of Iran, and expand the brand influence of Zoomlion in Iran

this project needs to install several fans, each of which is composed of tower, wheel, blade and engine room. Among them, the heaviest top tower is nearly 30 tons, and the total weight of the fan is more than 350 tons. Iran is located on a plateau with abundant wind resources, which is an important factor for the implementation of its wind power projects, but it also causes the complexity of wind turbine installation engineering. Among them, the tower is composed of five "joints". The engine room must be installed on the tower within a certain period of time after installation, otherwise the continuous strong wind will tilt and bend the tower. Remember to be impatient, causing improper operation of the experimental machine and damaging the bending of the experimental machine. The total height of the fan is nearly 1, and there is no component at room temperature of 00m. Under the conditions of high altitude, strong wind and heavy lifting weight, the installation time of each fan takes more than 1 month on average, which puts forward strict requirements for the lifting capacity and performance of the lifting equipment. Quy800 crawler crane adopts the special wind power installation condition of 108 m main boom and 7 m wind power pole head, which is fully qualified for the construction needs of the fan. At present, the installation of more than ten fans has been successfully completed

quy800 provided efficient and comprehensive after-sales service during its "service" in Iran. Chen Xi and fan Chao of the engineering crane branch are the service engineers responsible for tracking and maintaining this equipment. He said, for example, that by the end of August, they had been stationed in Iran for six months in 2014. With exquisite service skills, solid on-site fault handling experience, and a highly responsible working attitude, the two engineers have given customers the best service in daily equipment maintenance, inspection, operation training and on-site guidance, and won the trust of customers. After the successful hoisting of many fans, the customer specially sent a letter of thanks, which is not only an affirmation of the service work of the branch, but also a high recognition of the quality of Zoomlion's products, which laid a solid foundation for the development of Zoomlion's series of products in the Iranian market

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