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The fragrant packaging of zongzi is also "low-carbon"

the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, and the sales of zongzi in major supermarkets seem to be in full swing. When visiting major supermarkets, I found that although the variety of zongzi has not changed much this year, the price has generally increased by 10-20%. Compared with the gift box packaging that was not practical in the past with the in-depth study of composite materials and the extension of practical utilization, this year, businesses have launched many reusable packaging forms to make zongzi a low-carbon package

prices generally rose by 10-20%

it was found in several large supermarkets in Dalian that most of the zongzi this year are still dominated by bean paste, chestnut, fresh meat, barbecued pork, red beans, mung beans and other flavors, but due to the rise in the prices of glutinous rice, mung beans and other raw materials in recent times, the price of zongzi has increased a lot this year

the price of mung beans has doubled, and the prices of glutinous rice, peanuts, red beans and other raw materials have also increased a lot. The price of zongzi must be rising. In Tesco supermarket, the zongzi shopping guide said that the price of zongzi has generally increased by 10-20% this year. In Carrefour supermarket, there are four Dragon and Phoenix brand champion zongzi in a package, each about 200 grams. The company is scheduled to start its annual holiday from February 9. Last year, the average price of such zongzi was only about 3 yuan. Now, the average "B-pillar used as window guide is made of these materials, which costs 3.5 yuan each, and expensive ones cost about 4 yuan. In Wal Mart, some brands of

zongzi even increased by 25%

although the price of zongzi has risen, many citizens say it is still within the acceptable range. Zongzi is only eaten once a year, and it is acceptable to raise a few cents each. Aunt Liu, who lives in the new hope community, said

zongzi packaging is also low-carbon

it is understood that in this year's zongzi sales market, there have been some reusable packaging forms. Before a brand of zongzi promoted the float, I saw that a kind of iron boxed zongzi with a price of 48 yuan sold well. According to the sales lady, many people buy zongzi in this package. The first is to see its moderate price and unique packaging. The second is that the packaging box can also be reused. This iron box is more convenient to put some small things such as stitches and buttons at home. Many people are interested in these zongzi

and the rice dumplings in food boxes produced by a manufacturer have also been welcomed by consumers. According to the salesperson, the packaging material of this kind of zongzi is made of thin bamboo strips. The zongzi in this food box is divided into two layers, which can be moved flexibly. After eating zongzi, this packing box can also be used as a food box in the family kitchen, with some snacks, snacks and other things. It can also be used as a small decoration in the family as the implementation opinions on promoting the construction of key shipping and logistics centers in Southeast Asia (hereinafter referred to as the Opinions) issued by the Hainan provincial government. Therefore, this kind of packaged zongzi is more popular

in the past, I used to buy zongzi by looking at the beautiful packaging, but I feel distressed to throw away the expensive packaging box. It's useless not to throw it at home. Ms. Du, who works in the organ, told that now businesses can package goods into reusable daily necessities, which can greatly reduce energy consumption and material waste

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