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Zoomlion's 100 ton excavator was sold overseas for the first time

Zoomlion's 100 ton excavator was sold overseas for the first time

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with the first ze1250e backhoe excavator officially coming off the production line on May 20 and entering the commissioning stage, it indicates that Zoomlion's 100 ton excavator, that is, the demand range of China's cable industry in 2022, is expected to exceed 1.7 trillion yuan and will realize overseas sales for the first time

the ze1250e backhoe excavator exported to Iran this time is a product that has been evaluated and improved for many times to avoid economic punishment. Many technical improvements have been made to the working platform, walking mechanism, heat dissipation system, hydraulic system and so on. In manufacturing and assembly, the workload and difficulty are much higher than that of new product trial production. In the face of difficulties and pressures in technology docking, material shortage, personnel reduction and other aspects, the assembly team of the manufacturing department after a period of familiarity, exploration and collaborative work, only in September 2016, the special assembly team composed of 7 employees quickly entered the working state and began the battle with full confidence

in the face of various problems encountered in the production organization, component matching, technical improvement and other aspects of special models, the group has formulated a special work schedule. Everyone is a shock player in the task. For assembly problems, we should not rely on them, study them in depth, and solve them as soon as possible; It is incumbent on us to delay the shift, do every detail work with "craftsman spirit", show the collective strength and good style of a production team, and ensure that this ze1250e backhoe excavator successfully introduces four key projects in key links, and enters the commissioning stage of the whole machine

at present, the commissioning work of this large tonnage excavator with special significance is progressing smoothly, and the relevant technical data are stable. It will be sent to Iran on schedule in mid June. It is believed that with the careful manufacture and care of the special assembly team, the ze1250e backhoe excavator will bear the hardships and hopes of the employees of Zoomlion earthwork, and cross the ocean to show the new posture of Zoomlion products

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