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Zong Qinghou and Ma Yun debate: how can China's manufacturing industry get out of trouble

Zong Qinghou and Ma Yun recently had a heated debate on the topic of China's manufacturing development getting rid of difficulties, which became one of the hot topics at the beginning of 2017

in Zong Qinghou's view, the "five new changes" proposed by Ma Yun, in addition to new technologies, are untenable in new retail, new manufacturing, new finance and new energy. Ma Yun responded: "entrepreneurs must not live in yesterday and complain about tomorrow. The real economy can face the sun of tomorrow only by experiencing the challenges of new technology, transformation and innovation."

due to the great influence of Zong Qinghou and Ma Yun's own fans, and the previous investment of US $600million by caodewang, chairman of Fuyao Glass, in the construction of production lines in the United States, the problem of weak growth of the domestic real economy and "disenchantment to emptiness" can no longer be avoided. Behind the gap debate between Zong Qinghou and Ma Yun is the dispute between the real economy and the virtual economy

on the one hand, the virtual economy represented by Internet is advancing rapidly, in sharp contrast to the sluggish growth of the real economy. The latest quarterly reports of Tencent and Alibaba, two Internet giants, show that the net profit margin is as high as about 30%, and the year-on-year growth is more than 40%. This water evaporated first, which embarrassed China's manufacturing industry with an average profit margin of less than 3% (according to the China Enterprise Federation). On the other hand, in the past two years, capital has poured in crazily, and the virtual economy is booming. Taking the money of investors to subsidize users crazily, relying on the user and income data to finance the next round, the real market demand and profit model have been forgotten by more than two enterprises

the real economy is the foundation of a country's economy, the largest employment container and the strongest innovation driver. Take the United States for example. Although its financial market is very developed and its interconnected economy is very hot, its advanced manufacturing and high-tech industries are also at the forefront of the world. Another example is why Germany can be less impacted in the international financial crisis, because its manufacturing industry, especially the high-end manufacturing (Aiji, net worth, information) industry is very strong. Without skin, how can hair be attached? Without the real economy as the foundation, the virtual economy can only be water without source and trees without roots. This is why the United States proposed the "Reindustrialization" strategy and reshaped the physical manufacturing industry. The central economic work conference clearly put forward that we should focus on revitalizing the real economy, emphasize quality improvement, innovation driven, brand building, and advocate the "craftsman spirit", which is precisely to hold the "bull's nose" of the development of the real economy and strengthen the confidence and determination of domestic enterprises to do industry

for a long time, China's real economy has faced a series of challenges, such as extensive development mode, low-level repeated construction, overcapacity, insufficient innovation capacity and so on. In the face of rising factor costs and resource and environmental constraints, strengthening and optimizing the real economy requires changing the original extensive development model and accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading (Aiji, net worth, information) through innovation. Internet has become the most active field of technological innovation, service innovation and business type innovation in China today. Through the deep integration of Internet and manufacturing, it can reshape the innovation system, stimulate innovation vitality (Aiji, net worth, information), and provide new momentum for improving the quality and efficiency of the real economy. A consumer oriented, personalized, intelligent and customized era is coming. The continuous improvement of production and marketing interaction efficiency driven by big data, precision production and "low inventory economy" have become a reality, providing the best entry point for promoting the structural reform of the manufacturing industry

no manufacturing power has achieved success in a short time. China's manufacturing industry is "big but not strong". At present, what is most needed is the integrated development of manufacturing and interconnection. Through the mutual borrowing of the two, the hydraulic universal testing machine for casting aluminum alloy is a frequently used model, which can interact with each other and achieve joint growth and common prosperity. I'm afraid this is the way to reform and innovate the real economy and the virtual economy

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