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Adding artificial intelligence to intelligent collaboration services

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () news on November 21 (compiler/Lao Qin): one of the hot topics of unified communications (UC) today is artificial intelligence (AI). One of the major suppliers of AI based solutions is. Then who is it? What do they offer unified communications (UC) users

began in 2016, after recognizing the need to reduce the damage caused by a large number of low-level tasks in the workplace. Their task is to let everyone in the company have their own automation assistant, so that they can focus on high value-added job responsibilities. Productivity solutions are responsible for scheduling and preparing tasks such as a meeting, introducing people you want to meet, travel logistics, etc

according to the McKinsey Institute, in a standard work week weighing in carats, about 61% of the time is spent on tasks that can have a limited positive impact on productivity, such as finding and collecting information, or communicating and coordinating internally

in short, it is a conversation based productivity tool that helps employees safely automate their daily work, including arranging meetings, finding documents, managing CRM and generating documents, so as to help employees work better

there are four core products:

smart meetings allow users to easily and quickly plan, update and cancel meetings, and help them prepare by providing snapshots of internal or external parties

information discovery helps users save time, reduce the workload of other colleagues, search enterprise data storage, or a broad knowledge base

document generation helps users create documents and presentations in the same chat application. They can modify and file before downloading and sending

crm automation allows users to enter data more effectively through CRM information access and sessions. You can easily view, create and modify key CRM information directly from chat

so how is it achieved

it is directly located between the company's chat platforms such as Microsoft teams, Skype for business, slack, etc. and enterprise applications such as Microsoft office, salesforce, Dropbox, etc. The four core products are designed to simply deploy and set up and automate management tasks

can I only use English

know almost any language (including Afrikaans, Arabic, Cantonese and Mandarin, Hebrew, Farsi and more), but can only respond in five languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese). The natural language processing function can automatically detect language use and take corresponding measures. It has the ability to understand users' intentions and preferences, that is, context awareness. More importantly, this technology is still learning in the background to improve the user experience

with what applications

out of the box installation is integrated with more than 50 applications, including all aspects of enterprise software, chat, office, ticketing, data storage and sharing. More importantly, we will work with enterprises to further expand the ability of assistants. This is a dream of it

enterprises can also expand our products and solutions by building customized automation skills, such as zapier, Microsoft flow and workato

does it sound like it might give our IT team a headache when installing, deploying and managing

designed to be simple to set up and deploy, your IT department can focus on more efficient and strategic tasks. It will work with the IT team to ensure seamless integration and setup. It is installed on the chat platform in your office, and users who have access to it have the right to use it

also provides strong management and control capabilities. Enterprise administrators can easily add and delete users, safely integrate with the existing technology stack, and ensure the maintenance of company standards and data security

you mentioned that it is safe, but how safe is it

enterprise security can be said to be the number one concern of global enterprises today. We promise to take it seriously, such as security measures and policies for privacy, user data protection and transparency

how can different teams use it to improve their productivity

The tool suite of

allows cross organizational teams to improve their working methods and improve their productivity. Here I 77 asphalt waterproof coiled materials emphasize the versatility of some use cases:

how to improve sales efficiency

arrange customers and internal meetings through automated meetings, and generate standard contracts or documents at the same time to help the sales team return to sales As long as they chat with their assistants, they can find answers to product or technical questions, access applications, find marketing collateral, and even manage their transactions in their CRM, all at the same time

help human resources and recruitment team

recruiters overseas fixture operators and human resources professionals provide an enhanced candidate through the application and assistant of the tool suite. Easily arrange the interview of candidates without wasting time in communication, quickly adjust the demand for talents internally and synchronously, and then generate contracts and confidentiality agreements in a few seconds. It will even help them get instant snapshots of candidates before the meeting

simplify your it help desk

empower employees to get answers easily and quickly. Employees can chat with and find answers to common troubleshooting or policy questions instead of calling the service desk, which can improve the experience and reduce the number of help desk calls

experience in new employee training

make a good first impression on an employee's first day. Any information they need to access is at their fingertips when the load is removed, like answers to frequently asked questions or instructions on how to set up printers and email. They can easily access applications, such as human resources systems, time slice systems, and so on. Get to know other employees faster

how do you work with collaboration Suites like Microsoft teams

in order to work with other enterprise applications, it is designed to be a perfect companion for tools like Microsoft teams. Detailed daily simple tasks can be generated by AI engine. This means that scheduling and organizing meetings or creating files can now be automated

AI is changing the way we communicate. From contact centers to collaboration tools, it has undoubtedly created an exciting suite. It is an AI based solution that can help most employees become more efficient

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