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"If a career can maintain a career growth rate of 30% - 40% every year, it will naturally attract more and more enterprises to join." A brand marketing director of doors and windows said. With the increasing demand for "one-stop shopping", more and more door and window brands have joined the ranks of "full house customization". How can door and window enterprises stand firm from large household enterprises in a single category to the new category of full house customization

connect with the market demand port

the foundation of the whole house customization is still the change of the market demand port. The so-called young market demand generally positions the population in the post-80s and post-90s. In fact, the essence of these collectives is the requirements for quality and personalization. From this point of view, some 60 or even 50 have such needs, which is the change brought by the times. Therefore, the foundation is to win with personalization, high quality and planning. As long as in-depth analysis of their own advantages. Only by docking with the detailed requirements of the market demand port can we seize the living space

improve the product supply chain system

the convenience of the whole house customization is obvious. Therefore, when door and window enterprises decide to enter the category of whole house customization, they should equip themselves with the potential and ability of "omnipotent", and gradually build a sound product supply chain. Supply chain is the central foundation of whole house customization. Without supply chain, there is no planning advantage, and the efficiency is low, so the cost performance cannot be achieved, and it is difficult to replicate and expand the big plan. The whole house customization, from cabinets, bookcases, wine cabinets, bedside cabinets, doors and windows, stairs, porches and even whole wood home decoration, involves a large variety of products, and the integration of products is appropriate and messy. It is very difficult to integrate an efficient supply chain. However, when door and window enterprises have a sound product supply chain, the needs of consumers can be handled quickly

enhance the delivery ability of enterprises

clarify the standard of whole house customization, have a sound product supply chain, and it is also necessary to have a strong "delivery ability". Whether the planning is awesome, whether the construction arrangement is efficient, and whether the smooth promotion can be ensured after the order demand is recognized, these are very demanding requirements for the ability of door and window enterprises. There is no "starvation", as long as the quantity is "support", so it is necessary for door and window enterprises to have a strong ability to hand over, so as to expand the customization form of the whole house and make plans. Otherwise, even if consumers place an order, the enterprise will not be able to provide corresponding services, which will be in vain

sufficient talent and capital storage

if any enterprise wants to be truly bigger and stronger, it is necessary to have strong talent and capital storage. Especially in the transformation of door and window enterprises, the so-called strong supply chain and strong talent are also the work of talents and money in the final analysis. Resource storage is the basic requirement for door and window enterprises to enter the whole house customization. If there is enough resource storage, it is very beneficial for them to arrange construction and management. In fact, this is also one of the reasons why home furnishing enterprises actively go public. Listing can effectively relieve their financial pressure, especially in the construction of supply chain, they can't do it without strong financial strength

entering the circle of customized home does not mean that you can make real customized products for the whole house. Door and window enterprises want to start their brands, enhance their brand influence and inductive strength, enrich the diversity of their products, and provide more choices for consumers. Of course, to start with our own practical development is also the top priority




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