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Master's men stole 36 doorknobs from the public rental house and went home to decorate the house. Photo caption: video screenshot

a man who came to Shanghai with a master's degree unexpectedly removed all 36 doorknobs from the 18 floors of the whole public rental building and stole them. Finally, the property staff found out that the man was recently arrested by the police. According to his account, he stole the doorknob to get it back to his hometown and decorate his new house

Xinyi apartment on Binnan Road, Xuhui District, where the incident occurred, is a public rental housing community. The tenants renting public rental housing are strictly reviewed relevant talents. According to the property owner, on December 17 last year, the building steward of Building 8 found that the fire door handles of nine floors of the whole building were missing during the routine inspection twice a day. On December 19 last year, it was found that the door handle locks of six floors were missing, and on December 26 last year, the door handles of three floors were missing

the property management party immediately reported to the police, while looking at the monitoring screen: a man wearing a leather jacket pried off the door handle of the fire door with a chisel, saw residents passing, and quickly hid in the fire passage. After comparison, the police found that the man looked similar to a resident of the building. Then they searched the door and found the man's backpack in the room. 36 door handles were found in the backpack and the man was arrested on the spot

the man is 52 years old, his wife is the lessee of public rental housing, and he has a daughter. All three members of the family have master's degrees. It is reported that the value of the 36 door handles stolen is about 2000 yuan. The thief claimed that he intended to take these door handles back to his hometown to decorate his new house. At present, the man has been criminally detained by the police according to law





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