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Bid farewell to the past and welcome the future. For those who have been deceived and cheated, we should bravely refuse; For those decoration rumors that deceive us, say no bravely

bid farewell to the past and welcome the future. For those who have been deceived and cheated, we should bravely refuse; For those decoration rumors that deceive us, say no bravely

[rumor 1]: the door must be replaced. The quality door bought by the developer is very poor, and the lock cylinder is easy to break, which is easy to be stolen

[rumor index]: ★★

when decorating, many owners will hear others say that the door provided by the developer is not strong, the lock cylinder is easy to break, and be careful to be prized. Some decorators are dishonest, and they will also provide backup after taking the key. In a word, change the door quickly. After hearing this nonsense, my friend spent 8000 ocean to change the door. After moving, he found that the door of the whole building was changed at his own house, and others at most changed a lock

[rumor 2]: the more sockets, the better, so as not to be insufficient. There are plug-in boards everywhere at home

[rumor index]: ★★

"if you don't design more sockets, there will be tow boards everywhere in your home! "Many netizens reported that the location of various sockets in the room during decoration was deviated from the size of furniture bought later, which wasted a lot of sockets. So Xiaobian strongly suggested that when decorating, you must plan more locations in your home, so as not to have nowhere to charge your mobile phone in the future.

in fact, the more sockets are not the better, and reasonable planning is the only way. There are too many sockets, which will be a great hidden danger when you have children at home in the future. In addition, is it possible to decorate Didn't the company tell you? Pro, is the increase of sockets charged by volume in the water and electricity transformation fee? One more set of sockets will cost hundreds of oceans more for renovation

[rumor 3]: the larger the floor tile, the more beautiful it is. Although it's more expensive, you'd better buy large-size tiles

[rumor index]: ★★★

large size tiles are indeed better looking than small tiles in visual effect, and are easy to match with a variety of decoration styles, but a friend accidentally dropped the exercise dumbbell from the ground height of 80 cm one day, and instantly countless curves expanded from a tile to the four directions, like a spider's web, simple and rhythmic, (because the hall of my friend's house is only 25 square meters, and the floor is 100*100, the picture is too beautiful to see!) In fact, the larger the specification of the ceramic tile, the larger the cement bedding area will be, and the worse the resistance of the ceramic tile will be. The partners with grumpy temper and thick character are cautious

[rumor 4]: the open kitchen does not occupy space, and a bar in the middle can be used as a table or a partition

[rumor index]: ★★★★

tell someone who doesn't occupy space in the open kitchen, he will definitely add that as long as you buy a good range hood, there is no smoke at home. It's absolutely false to say that there is no smoke! The history of oil fume flooding in Chinese food is full of 5000 years, which is not solved by oil fume function! You know how terrible rumors are when you find that the white walls of your home slowly turn yellow and can't be washed away soon after you move

[rumor 5]: wallpaper is fresh, so buy it cheaper. Change one when you feel tired of reading it

[rumor index]: ★★★★

this rumor is absolutely comparable to nuclear weapons in terms of the lethality of home decoration. If you listen to this rumor and buy a cheap wall cloth for decoration, a few months later, bubbles begin to appear inside the wall cloth, the seams begin to crack, and even more serious, there will be ash removal. Finally, you have to tear it off and paste the wall cloth again. When you paste the wall cloth again, the decoration company will calmly tell you that you need to paint the wall again. Can you calm down then

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