I like quiet, so I ordered Kangying silent aluminu

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I remember the beautiful scenery of my hometown in the past

there was no noise of cars and horses

only the singing of birds and the fragrance of flowers

the society was developing and prospering

now it is connected to the highway to build factories

the highway has reached the door of my home

transportation is convenient for us

but life is no longer quiet

it is no longer a beautiful landscape Hometown of birds and flowers

we don't adapt to the bustling world

sometimes we want to escape the noise of the city

find a pure land

stay away from the noise, stay away from irritability

taste life quietly by ourselves

in the noise, we are all pursuing a quiet life

so people try to develop noise free products

silent air conditioning Noise insulation floor mats and other

the main entrance to the noise of the home lies in the windows

so whether the doors and windows are sound insulated is very important

I like "quiet"

so I installed Kangying silent doors and windows

when leisure

make a cup of fragrant coffee

sit quietly in front of the window

stare out the window

look at the clouds

watch the flowers bloom and fall

I feel leisurely and comfortable


picking chrysanthemums under the eastern fence, Leisurely see Nanshan's poetic life

isn't this what you pursue




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