Three aspects tell you that German dog mobile phon

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Three aspects tell you that the door lock of German dog mobile phone makes life better

Science and technology are changing with each passing day, and technology is rapidly updated. However, more than 90% of families in China today still use traditional locks. This article tells you with real data: we really need to change a German dog mobile phone door lock to protect our home

security: traditional locks are not insured

according to the statistics of the Ministry of public security, the annual family losses caused by burglary in China are as high as 1130 billion yuan, and the property safety of 350million households cannot be fully guaranteed

the main sticking point is that the anti opening technology and anti violent opening ability of most locks are too weak to prevent thieves at all

the door lock of German dog mobile phone adopts fingerprint, password, mobile phone and other opening methods, which is safer than traditional locks from any point of view. There are also anti violence, anti technology, alarm and photo taking functions, which are absolutely safer than traditional locks

convenience: no longer afraid to forget the key

the lock is unsafe, and the loss is only property. In recent years, forgetting the key has caused many tragedies, even at the cost of life

on March 6, in Yubei Yujing Jiayuan community, Chongqing, an 11-year-old boy accidentally fell off the building when he forgot his key and tried to turn over the window from the roof terrace to go home

on the afternoon of October 23, 2016, the wind inadvertently blew the door on the move, and two children cried in the room. Eager to save her son, her mother wanted to climb into the window on the sixth floor from the top floor, and accidentally fell down and died

if a German dog mobile phone door lock is installed, the password, fingerprint and mobile phone are the keys. Are you still worried that you can't go home without your keys

Intelligence: live a relaxed life

when a stranger tries to open the door lock by other means, the door lock will automatically take photos and upload them to the mobile app, and send alarm information to the owner's mobile phone

when you have relatives, nannies, hourly workers to come, and you happen to be away from home, you can take out your mobile phone to open the door for them remotely. What a smart and convenient scene

to sum up, the door lock of German dog mobile phone has the following advantages:

no longer need to bring a key

no need for everyone in the family to have a key

no need to worry about the wind blowing the door closed when going out to take out the garbage

no need to worry about violence, no need to worry about technical means to unlock the door

strangers try to open it, and you can know at the first time that

guests can add fingerprints at any time, You can also delete the

nanny resignation/tenant rent change without changing the lock at any time, just eliminate the fingerprint

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