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FAQ of heat transfer continuous ink supply system

1. What is a continuous ink supply system

answer: how to effectively save costs has become an important issue in the current office field. With the growth of daily printing volume, the proportion of consumables is increasing, and even has exceeded the printer itself. Under the condition of limited funds, it will undoubtedly become a huge burden to print at least 0.09 meters per second with the driving force obtained in theory. At the same time, as printers enter the home, many home users also begin to face this problem. Inkjet printers purchased at a lower price are often idle at home, because the price of ink and paper is high, and users feel unable to afford it. Can we find a quick and effective way to reduce costs? Of course, that is the continuous ink supply system

the continuous ink supply system, also known as the printer gas station, does not damage the printer during system modification, and there is no need to replace the ink cartridge during printing (for Epson models), and it also avoids soiling your hands when filling ink. The ink adopts American nanotechnology, without plug, with the same color as the original, and can be compared on site. Save time and cost. The market price of a set of 6-color original ink is 250 yuan, and 250ml is about 0.2 yuan/ml for continuous supply. 20: 1 is a new concept of ink saving. If you need to print a lot of pictures, this service station will be your wise choice. Printing an A4 full color picture costs only 0.7 yuan at 1440dpi. Suitable for computer portraits, stickers, color spray design and production, PVC business card printing, school factory office and other batch customers. And provide canon, Epson, Lexmark and other models of filling ink, the price is very low, quality assurance. And we have also successfully introduced the application of heat transfer ink, so that you can save ink more at ease

2. Which model is better to change the heat transfer ink to continuous ink supply

answer: EPS of six color printing series can reduce the emissions of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons in China. On830u and 915 of four color printing series and epsonc65 of six color split ink cartridge can be changed to heat transfer continuous supply, and the effect is good

3. Will changing the continuous ink supply system hurt the nozzle

answer: in fact, the main reason for the continuous supply injury of the nozzle is not the continuous ink supply system itself, but the printing volume of the printer after changing the continuous supply has greatly increased, and it is no longer used carefully to cherish the ink as before, so that the nozzle bears a heavy workload every day. In this way, it is sooner or later that the nozzle will be scrapped. If the printer with continuous ink supply can survive for more than a year, and the nozzle still brings opportunities for their cooperation, it shows that there is enough care for the printer.

4. Is it still restricted by the number of chip printing when the printer changes to continuous ink supply

answer: No. With permanent chips, there is no need to disassemble the ink cartridge for decoding. The ink cartridge is used in the ink cart for a long time

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