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When the country installed street lights for free, farmers were happy at first, but later said it was better not to install them. Why

when it was night in the city, all kinds of neon lights shone brightly, illuminating the city as if it were day, but the countryside was different. At night, there were black lights everywhere in the countryside. Before, there were no street lights on the village roads in the countryside, and it was very inconvenient to have no street lights, for example, if you couldn't see the road clearly at night, you would fall, The parents have to pick up the children when they go home after self-study in the evening of school. In short, farmers hope to have street lights at night, just like the city

in recent years, the state has many good policies for rural areas, such as the transformation of rural toilets, kitchens, household access roads, etc. Although the installation of street lamps is not a major event, it is still very happy for farmers. First, the installation of street lights is bound to greatly facilitate the production and life of farmers. Even if farmers walk in the village at night, it is bright everywhere. Second, the installation of street lamps is free of charge, and farmers do not need to pay a penny. So the farmers were very happy to install street lamps at the beginning

but after installation for a period of time, the disadvantages also began to appear. Farmers said: it's better to be uneasy. So installing street lights was originally a good thing for farmers. Why are farmers not popular with farmers now

there are three main reasons. First, most of the street lamps installed are solar street lamps. Although they are very energy-saving, they often lack energy, and the late mountain street lamps still don't light up. It is equivalent to that street lamps have become furnishings, but with the continuous development of high-molecular materials and plastic products, they have become the same as no installation. Second, even if the street lamp is on, its energy often doesn't last long. It plays a major role in the process of providing passengers with comfort. On the contrary, in the evening, it's completely dark. When farmers need the street lamp most, the street lamp often runs out of energy and doesn't light up

third, the number of street lights in rural areas is still too small and unevenly distributed, mostly concentrated in the main roads, on the contrary, there are no places where street lights are more needed in dangerous sections. Unlike urban roads, rural roads often have many steep and dangerous sections due to terrain reasons. However, for most vehicle enterprises, street lights are mostly installed on the main roads in the village, with a large flow of people, and the sections are not dangerous. The capacity utilization rate of some enterprises up to 80% is icing on the cake, but there are no street lights where they are really needed

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