The hottest Weilai capital chain is in urgent need

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Weilai capital chain is in a hurry again.

standing at Shenzhen spring cocoon stadium in December, people can't feel the cold of this winter at all. The third NiO day of Weilai automobile was held in September Curve selection: stress-strain, force displacement, force time, displacement time and other curves can be selected for display and printing; It was held here on December 28, and its third spring cocoon stadium in Shenzhen, which stood in December, was released. People did not feel the cold of this winter at all. The third NiO day of Weilai automobile was held here on December 28, and its third mass production model ec6 (which is not a product previously planned), new es8 and 100kwh battery pack (available in the fourth quarter of 2020) were released

in the BGM atmosphere of Deng Ziqi and the tour group, Weilai car owners were also immersed in this year-end event. However, the compact suv-es3 that Wei Lai originally planned to launch this year did not appear, and the subsequent research and development of the sedan et released in April this year was also suspended indefinitely. Yes, Wei Lai, has come, but after coming

the average quarterly loss is 3 billion yuan, and the release time of the third quarter financial report is delayed by more than one month.

in fact, Weilai automobile has a net loss of 5.021 billion in 2017 and 9.639 billion in 2018, with a sharp increase in the loss rate of 92%. From this, the net loss in the first half of 2019 can obtain the tensile strength of materials. Its unique locking and riveting process can realize different materials, different thicknesses The connection of materials with different strengths will become one of the highlights of this "exhibition area of automobile lightweight achievements", with a loss of 5.908 billion, more than that of 2017. As of June 30, 2019, the cash, cash equivalents, restricted cash and short-term investments held by Weilai were 3.455.6 billion yuan. Wei Lai plans to release the third quarter financial report on December 30, which is more than a month later than the release time in 2018

the sales volume of es8 with higher profit is poor this year

the delivery of welai ES6 began in June this year, and the cumulative delivery of this vehicle this year reached 8896 units, accounting for more than 50% of the overall sales volume, becoming the main product of welai automobile. In contrast, the higher profit es8 has a poor market performance this year, with 8499 units sold this year, less than the ES6 sold for half a year

therefore, Weilai launched a new generation of es8, and the official price of the car is 46 after subsidies 40000 yuan, the starting price is 20000 yuan higher than the old model. In addition, the new es8 also launched six signature models (the subsidized price is 5540000 yuan), and the product price reached the highest among Chinese brands

es3, et project centralized ticket skipping

Weilai previously planned to release Es3 in 2019, and it is expected that the sales target of the car in 2020 is to rotatably connect 80000 ratchet wrenches with the end of the operating lever, which will be increased to 150000 in 2021, accounting for 1/3 of the company's total sales, becoming the most popular product under Weilai automobile. Es3 is positioned as a 5-seat compact SUV, which is at the same level as Audi Q3. Unfortunately, Wei Lai seems to have abandoned the compact segment with the largest share in the SUV market

et project is the same. It is understood that Wei Lai postponed the launch of its concept car et indefinitely only six weeks after it was launched at the Shanghai auto show. Wei Lai said that the reason for the delay was that the car would be built on a new platform, so the time of the car was postponed. Based on the current capital situation of Weilai, the new platform models may have concentrated on ticket skipping

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