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Weisu technology and Chongqing organization center work together to create a complete ecological chain of education

Chongqing remote call center establishes a large-scale, highly reliable and highly available remote call interaction platform covering the whole city based on remote two-way audio and video interaction, and carries out remote video calls, two-way interactive training lectures, video consultation visits and other services for all remote education terminal sites in the city and the majority of Party members, cadres and the masses. Based on the party building cloud platform and combined with big data intelligent analysis, a telecom class high-capacity video education interactive platform is built to realize the video education interactive teaching support service combining Telecom class streaming media services, cloud devices and mobile terminals

the construction of interactive teaching application service of video education needs to be based on new technologies of big data and cloud platform, and support the concurrent service ability of 3000 users. Connect with the Chongqing municipal Party member and cadre distance education terminal station management information system. The terminal station participating in the remote interactive call learning record data must be automatically included in the terminal station management. Therefore, the information system will be included in the terminal station assessment. Support the deployment of distributed structure. Each district (county) can establish its own remote call sub center according to the actual needs, and the data of the sub center must be connected and integrated with the data of the Municipal Center. With the development of Party building in Chongqing, the existing information platform can no longer meet the needs of the new era, which is mainly reflected in the need to improve the service channels of Party members, the insufficient service of grass-roots party affairs, the need to strengthen the organization and management ability, and the insufficient support of basic resources, resulting in limited services. Therefore, it is urgent to transform the existing education platform

v2 education system provides a complete solution for the distance education center of Chongqing Organization Department. The user interface with simple operation and friendly interface can be used by users in counties and townships in Chongqing without training. It supports cascade servers above level 5 and user management above level 6. Now, the distance education center of the organization department adopts the master-slave architecture, deploys 12 servers (currently online), and has a total of 3000 conference points. In order to ensure the stability and robustness of the platform, the system design should be based on the IETF XMPP standard protocol architecture, the application method based on b/s structure, and the simple user interface plays a great role, greatly shortening the user's adaptation cycle, Greatly enhanced user operability

v2 education system has the characteristics of 5-level cascade and large capacity, which is especially suitable for large-scale concurrent applications of Chongqing Organization Department. It is committed to providing professional networking services for end users, and is mainly used in application modes such as remote re education and training of Party members and cadres, networking meetings, and interactive teaching of Party members and cadres and the masses. Use the existing computer and network platform for face-to-face communication to save the investment cost of deploying the system. The system provides users with high-quality audio and video effects, electronic whiteboards, document sharing and other data collaboration functions, helping enterprises and institutions reduce costs, improve communication efficiency and reduce travel risks. The supporting billing system is flexible and can implement the billing unit in minutes. It has the function of package period and real-time billing, and billing is powerful and flexible, which is convenient for future product applications

in addition, V2 education system also provides users with high-quality audio and video effects. When the network bandwidth reaches more than 365k, it can achieve the image quality of DVD, Well meet the needs of users "In the development of food packaging materials, the powerful audio and video effects, flexible data functions and excellent user interface of V2 education system have brought real experience to users in all districts, counties and towns. With the continuous improvement of computer processing ability and network conditions, the real-time or non real-time, one-way or interactive distance education of Party members and cadres' distance education across space is realized. This is the significance and value of discussion and debate, Break the time and space limitations of education and training, constantly improve teaching resources and service channels, meet the personalized needs of education and training of Party members and cadres, and promote the transformation of education and training of Party members and cadres from passive to active, unilateral to interactive

since the opening of the education platform of Chongqing Organization Department, it has been adjusted and modified for many times, so the research on technology development and utilization needs to be strengthened. At present, the platform has covered all districts, counties and towns in Chongqing. Establish and improve the teaching organization and working mechanism of complementing organizational learning and auxiliary teaching, connecting learning and training with effect evaluation, mastering knowledge and applying practice, and promote the continuous, healthy and orderly development of the education and training of Party members and cadres by means of systematization and automation

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