Far infrared treatment of cervical spondylosis wit

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Carbon fiber heating wire far-infrared treatment of cervical spondylosis symptoms

traditional Chinese medicine believes that "general is not painful, impassability is painful". As an auxiliary treatment method of hot compress, hot compress can dredge the meridians, promote blood circulation and remove stasis, and achieve analgesic effect. Patients with cervical spondylosis often feel numbness of hands and feet, cervical discomfort, dizziness, and decreased vision. Trying hot compress treatment can improve symptoms. In addition, hot compress plays a good role in promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, soothing the liver and tonifying the kidney, warming the intestines and stomach, and helping digestion. Only by combining various treatment methods organically and selectively and persisting, can good curative effects be achieved

heat can be selected for hot compress at home. 2. The influence of environmental factors on low-speed impact performance. The water bag method is suitable at a temperature of about 60~70 °, about 20 minutes each time, 3~4 times a day. White collar workers working in the office are advised to use a convenient hot compress pad to compress their neck. At present, Shenzhen Haiwang, Tongyi, Zoomlion and other major pharmacies are selling Xinle brand medical electronic hot compress pads "easy to apply". The electronic hot compress pad is controlled by microelectronic circuit, and the high-tech organic environmental protection carbon fiber heating wire emits stable far-infrared heat energy, which directly produces a "resonance effect" with tissue cells in the depths of the human body. Through "resonance" and electric heating, the human body temperature is increased, blood vessels are expanded, and blood circulation and metabolism are accelerated, which can simply and conveniently play the effect of traditional hot compress

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