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Weidmiller will bring its new products to the automation exhibition

2013iabeijing international industrial intelligence and Automation Exhibition and the 2013 China Clean Power Summit and China International Clean Energy Expo will be reinstalled in Beijing in June and July. Weidmiller will make a stunning debut with many of its new products and focus star products. The product lineup package is bound to be beneficial to accelerate the introduction of the national revision of the "new standard for fire rating of external thermal insulation materials"; Including: Pro-E series power supply, DCUPS series backup power supply, ie industrial class 1 is hardness test switch, Vpu series surge protector, interface board series products, heavy-duty connectors, sakdu series wiring terminals, omnimate device connectors, etc. With the continuous expansion of the product line and the increasing innovation of technology, Weidmuller will undoubtedly provide customers with more and better product application solutions

during the exhibition, Weidmuller will also carry out Weidmuller expert day activities. Many new products, core products and application solutions of Weidmuller will be well presented to many experts. There is no doubt that Weidmuller will also get more pertinent and valuable opinions and suggestions from experts

exhibition information

2013iabeijing International Exhibition of industrial intelligence and automation

Venue: Beijing Exhibition Hall

exhibition time: June 26-28, 2013

Weidmuller booth:

2013 China Clean Power Summit and China International Clean Energy Expo

Venue: Beijing International Convention Center

exhibitor group announced time: July 3-5, 2013

Weidmuller exhibition bit: W3 Pavilion booth

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