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The new generation of Weidmuller Pro

2009 China International Industry Expo was grandly opened in Shanghai. Weidmuller's new pro-m series power supply came on stage during the Industrial Expo, making it the first intimate contact with users

as a global electrical connection expert, Weidmuller's Ecoline series power supply and easyline series flat panel power supply have also produced part of the plastic deformation market in China, which has a very high market popularity and a wide range of product applications. 2. It is widely used. In 2009, Weidmuller continued its rapid pace of product research and development, and once again brought a high-quality pro-m series power supply to the Chinese market

as a power supply that saves installation space in the application of automation technology, it is very compact and extremely firm - an important feature of Weidmuller's 10 new pro-m series power supplies

pro-m provides reliable 24V DC, which can greatly save installation space by side-by-side DIN rail installation without clearance. High efficiency, strong overload capacity and excellent power retention characteristics make pro-m a reliable power supply that can meet various strict application requirements- 25 °...+ The wide working temperature range of 70 ℃ enables the pro-m to operate at almost all ambient temperatures; The strong output power retention ability within the working temperature range makes it meet the application requirements of high standards; Wide AC and DC voltage input range ensures stable and reliable operation of pro-m power supply. At the same time, the full series of certified ul60950, ul508, csa2.22 No. 107 and GL further improve the advantageous characteristics of pro-m power supply suitable for various common applications. Pro-m series products have complete models, which can provide suitable power supply for various applications. This series of products include:

single phase power supply: 3 A, 5 A, 7,5 a, 10 A, 20 A, 40 a output current

three phase power supply: 5 A, 10 A, 20 A, 40 a output current

when a single power supply is insufficient and multiple power supplies need to be connected in parallel to increase output power, pro-m power supply can be directly connected in parallel without external diode modules, and up to 5 power supplies can be connected in parallel

using pro-m power supply can help you solve almost all difficulties. If the main power supply fails, the power-off holding time of pro-m is not less than 20ms, which can easily ensure the subsequent treatment of the system. If one phase of the three-phase power supply fails, the pro-m power supply can be automatically converted to two phases to continue full load operation. This product is installed on the standard guide rail. When time is urgent, it is the general term of all kinds of machinery and devices used in the plastic processing industry. It can be smoothly removed from the guide rail without the assistance of tools. Finally, and most importantly, the new series of pro-m power supply is an ideal product with high efficiency. The efficiency of the whole series of products is more than 90%

let's hope that the price of this pro is stable and that -m power supply will bring us greater surprise, just like its name: pro=power strong +reliable +optimized optimal

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