The hottest weinview touch screen is on FA series

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Application of weinview touch screen on FA series roving frame

fa*** roving frame is a four axis linkage high-speed suspension roving frame that uses touch screen control and also rotates once with the labor pains. It is suitable for the pure spinning or blending of combed and combed cotton fibers and man-made fibers and synthetic fibers below 51mm. In the process of spinning, the scratch on the surface of the sheath is often caused by the twists and turns of the cable core. The cooked strips after drawing are drawn, lengthened and tapered, and processed into roving of different counts. With a certain twist, it has a certain strength and is wound into a certain shape of package for spinning frame to make spinning yarn

system features:

1. Computer numerical control system and servo drive mode: make the machine operate synchronously in strict accordance with the proportion required by the spinning process, with high production efficiency, good spinning quality, simple operation and easy maintenance

2. Electronic forming: the forming size and angle can be changed arbitrarily to eliminate yarn bleeding

3. Constant tension control: reduce accidental drafting, low end breakage rate, reduce coarse details, improve spinning quality, high production efficiency, and reduce labor intensity

4. The unique synchronous belt transmission system in the car head: accurate transmission, low noise and easy maintenance

5. Weinview touch screen control: realize man-machine dialogue, simple operation and stable performance

parameter setting

historical fault display

output statistics

6. Power failure protection system: no broken ends and accidental drafting in case of power failure

7. Optimized structural design: long service life, stable operation, reliable operation, easy maintenance, low labor intensity, high spinning quality, long flat car cycle

8. Process setting: when changing the spinning process, it is completed by computer parameters without adjusting and changing the twist process wheel

9. Easy unrolling: when spinning special fibers, there is no need to manually break the yarn, which is automatically completed by computer control, and the yarn tail is twisted, making the unrolling easy

10. High quality cradle is used for pressurization: the pressurization is uniform. If the spinning quality is high when the sample is broken outside the marking line, it is convenient for installation and maintenance (pneumatic/spring pressurization)

11. The whole machine can be lubricated automatically: reduce labor intensity and increase production efficiency

with the advanced weinview touch screen numerical control technology, it has been widely used in domestic high-speed railways and subways at present. The cone wheel mechanism, mechanical forming mechanism, rapid lifting mechanism and differential mechanism of the old roving machine are removed, so that the four transmission parts completely achieve independent transmission. The four axis linkage is carried out by PLC numerical control and servo drive. It is the most advanced electromechanical integrated roving machine equipment in China at present. It is suitable for pure or blended spinning of combed and combed cotton fibers and man-made fibers

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