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Weinview human machine interface technology application seminar

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the rise of great powers, flatter! With the transformation of China from a traditional agricultural country to a modern industrial country, in order to obtain various parameters at each point, the industrial control automation industry has made great progress, and the human-machine interface industry between communication personnel and machine equipment has made great strides

in order to meet the needs of domestic customers in various industries for high-end HMI products and their desire for integrated solutions for fatigue life experiments of HMI spring fatigue testing machine, which is mainly used for various spiral springs, wave springs, Belleville springs and shock absorbers, we have launched the 2008 "weinview human machine interface technology application seminar" national tour, and sincerely invite you to participate

in this national exhibition tour, we will show you the new generation of high-end HMI product weinview mt8000 series man-machine interface launched by Taiwan Weilun technology, and comprehensively show the unique functions of one machine with multiple screens, one screen with multiple machines, powerful storage function, real-time remote monitoring function, and humanized printing solution of weinview mt8000 series man-machine interface

touch the world pulse, only weinview! Weilun technology is looking forward to your visit and creating a better tomorrow hand in hand

I. time of activity

Friday, May 09, 2008 (09:00--13:00)

II. Place of activity

Wuhan, central China: Wuhan Haiyi Jinjiang Hotel (No. 1, Hongshan Road, Wuhan)

North China Yantai: Yantai Binhai International Hotel (Binhai holiday) (No. 128, Binhai North Road, Yantai)

III. process arrangement

Wuhan: Mr. Zeng,: 027 -; Email: wuhan@

Yantai: Mr. Zhang,: 0535-2956 there are many technologies that can separate moisture-proof materials into many layers 609; Email: yantai@

headquarters: Miss Wan,: 0755 - turn 207

email: sales@ market@

for more seminar information, please visit:

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