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Weiyuan: Taking the industrial concentration area as the core to lead the steady development of industrial economy

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in the courtyard of Weiyuan hengshuntang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Huichuan Industrial Park, boxes of refined decoction pieces were loaded into logistics vehicles. Lei Junwen, the person in charge of the company, said: "the total number of refined decoction pieces sent to Bozhou and Fujian is more than 300 boxes. Since the resumption of production, the sales volume has reached 20million."

in the workshop, the workers screened decoction pieces, weighed, bagged and packaged the finished products, and carried out flow operations in an orderly manner. Nanfang, a worker in the packaging workshop, and her colleagues are carefully selecting pieces of herbal medicine and packing them by classification. Nanfang's family is located in duanjiamo community, benmiao village, near the company. It is a registered household and has been lifted out of poverty in 2018. There are three people in the family. His son took the college entrance examination this year. In order to prepare more school expenses for his children, his husband also went out to work this year. Nan Fang said, "I came here to work in October 2019 and earned more than 9000 in three months last year. It takes only 15 minutes to go to work by electric car, which may be better this year. Now my daily income is more than 150."

Li Qiaoyu, director of the workshop, said, "Nanfang works hard and carefully. She is the leader of this group, responsible for material requisition and quality inspection. She gets 200 more per month than others. This group can complete tasks of about 2 tons per day, and each person's daily salary is more than 150."

Weiyuan hengshuntang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. mainly focuses on the production, processing and sales of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, with an annual production capacity of about 8000 tons. In 2019, it changed from offline to above designated enterprises. In 2020, through the mode of "enterprise + cooperative + poor households", it signed a 150 mu dangshen planting base with Yanjiagou village cooperative and tianjiacha village cooperative in Xinzhai Town, Weiyuan County, driving more than 270 local poor households. In 2020, the company was selected into the list of the first batch of key guarantee enterprises for the prevention and control of COVID-19 of the Ministry of industry and information technology

Che Xianli, vice chairman of Weiyuan hengshuntang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said: "The Weiyuan County Party committee and the county government have given the company strong support. Coupled with the excellent quality of genuine Weiyuan medicinal materials, the company's sales last year reached about 25million, driving the amount of poverty alleviation through collaborative consumption between the East and the west to reach 21.45 million. The company is also actively helping the local poverty alleviation work. The labor wage issued by the company last year refers to the force value at the moment when the sample is completely broken and separated to reach about 1.5 million. It is expected that the sales this year will reach about 50million 。”

according to the overall layout of "one district and three parks", Weiyuan County focuses on the construction of industrial concentration areas, focusing on building three parks, namely, Weiyuan Industrial Park, Huichuan Industrial Park and Weiyuan logistics park, with an overall planning area of 8.8 square kilometers. Up to now, the county has invested 360million yuan to complete the infrastructure construction projects focusing on water, electricity, roads and gas in the three parks, achieving the basic supporting elements guarantee of "seven supplies and one leveling"

zhanghairong, director of the Management Committee of Weiyuan industrial concentration zone, said: "At present, the built area of the industrial concentration area has reached 3.04 square kilometers, a total of 64 enterprises have attracted investment and settled in, the total investment of the project is 2.6 billion, and 30 Chinese herbal medicine production and processing enterprises have successively passed the GMP certification. The average annual output value of the industrial concentration area has exceeded 500million, the enterprises have paid about 16million taxes, and the stable employment has reached more than 4500 people. The industrial concentration area shows a good momentum of rapid development." Only new regenerated bone tissue is left

located in Weiyuan Industrial Park, such as power supply, ground wire noise, electromagnetic interference, etc., Gansu weishuiyuan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces and operates Codonopsis pilosula, Angelica sinensis, Astragalus membranaceus and refined decoction pieces of traditional Chinese medicine. In 2019, the output value was 68million, the sales were 43.2638 million, and the tax paid was 560800. Qin Fei, general manager of the company, said, "since the resumption of work and production, the company has actively responded. At present, the sales volume has reached about 30million. In March, the sales volume reached 10million, setting the best sales performance of the company."

it is understood that by the end of June, the industrial concentration area of Weiyuan County had achieved a GDP of 62 million, an industrial added value of 35 million above the designated size, and a fixed investment of 21 million; The contribution rate of GDP on-off inspection is 8.3%, the contribution rate of industrial added value above designated size is 82%, and the contribution rate of fixed asset investment is 2.6%; Two industrial processing projects have been introduced, with a total investment of 210 million; The infrastructure project that was planned to start construction in that year has started construction, with a total investment of 460million

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