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Weihua group refreshes the indoor span record of cranes in the field of nuclear industry

Weihua group refreshes the indoor span record of cranes in the field of nuclear industry

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firecrackers say goodbye to the old year, and the spring breeze sends warmth to welcome the new year. At the beginning of the 2015 new year, "Weihua manufacturing" relied on innovation to create brilliance again: at present, the crane with the largest indoor span in the field of nuclear industry in the world has successfully completed the experiment and passed the acceptance in Weihua Group Co., Ltd. At the same time, it will serve the construction of China's nuclear industry in the near future, which is another new national record set by the company

innovation is the soul of enterprise progress and the source of enterprise vitality. Weihua group has always attached great importance to the research and development of high-tech products, and has deeply implemented the innovation driven development strategy for a long time. In view of the large space constraints of indoor bridge cranes, the company has continuously increased its investment in scientific and technological research and development. How to ensure the safety and stability of the crane, which can help injection molding companies and other processors reduce costs and improve efficiency operation, how to install the crane in place and operate freely in the workshop with the specified size, and how to effectively solve the beam box welding deformation in the case of large span are all difficult problems to solve. At the same time, in the field of nuclear industry, the requirements for the manufacturing precision of cranes are also extremely strict. However, the company didn't wait to be brave. It transferred elite soldiers to form a R & D and production team. Relying on its own careful design and strong strength in scientific and technological innovation, it once again graced the national industry with its brilliant performance in a very short time, adding a strong bright color to "made in Weihua"

at the beginning of 2015, after the signing of the project contract, Weihua group encouraged enterprises to use new materials. In order not to delay the delivery time of products, they did not rest during the Spring Festival, concentrated their strengths, responded quickly, and overcome many difficulties. From research and development to system debugging, and then to testing, they all went through careful design and welding, striving for excellence. In order to complete the hoisting construction safely and efficiently, the leaders of the company visited the front line, carefully organized and scientifically dispatched, and the whole hoisting synthesis process was accurate and perfect

Zhaopingkang, the production monitor who undertook this project, said that this crane, with a span of 70 meters, is not only the world's largest, but also has advanced production technology and technology. The project requires one-time forming, and flame correction is not allowed in the later stage, and the sag at full load is required not to exceed the specified size. This requires that the camber of the main beam should be strictly controlled during fabrication, and there should be no error of one centimeter

recalling the situation of getting the design project at the beginning, shaosongtao, a young designer, said that in the process of public bidding, the lightweight design scheme of the equipment, as well as the continuous use time and low maintenance cost of the product were favored by customers

it is understood that Weihua group has made such achievements for the first time. In the fierce market competition in 2014, Weihua insisted on innovation driven. The newly developed intelligent large grab dredger of the National 863 plan, the 300 ton tire type yacht handling crane exported to Iran, and the protective kiln equipment in the construction field have filled the gaps in various fields in China

in recent years, Weihua group has continued to build a good scientific and technological innovation environment to maximize the innovation passion of technicians who open the experimental software of the electrohydraulic servo universal experimental machine, improve the ability of sustainable technological innovation, and make innovation the soul of enterprise progress and the source of eternal vitality of the enterprise. "Made in Weihua" has raised the quality and reliability of its products to a new level, effectively promoting the expansion of the international market. With a number of "advanced, reliable, energy-saving and efficient" products, it has bravely shouldered the heavy burden in major global construction projects, has been highly praised by the international community, and has demonstrated the strength and style of Chinese enterprises in the fierce international market competition

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