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Weiyuan biochemistry plans to carry out methanol technical transformation by 2.3 billion

Weiyuan biochemistry announced on the evening of September 22 that the company plans to invest 2.306 billion yuan to carry out energy-saving technical transformation on the methanol plant of Xinneng Energy Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinneng Mining Co., Ltd

the construction site of the above project is located in Xinao Industrial Park, Dalat banner, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which is easy to process, bond and has a larger net surface area. The self raised capital of the enterprise is 692million yuan, and the debt capital is 1.692 billion yuan, which is to be solved by bank loans. According to the long-term development plan and technical advantages of Xinneng Energy Co., Ltd., the project will carry out energy-saving transformation of the existing 2000 tons of refined methanol per day, and make full use of and transform the existing process units and utility units to achieve the production capacity of 4000 tons of refined methanol per day

in addition, Weiyuan biochemical plans to inject agrochemical assets into Hebei Weiyuan biochemical pesticide Co., Ltd. to obtain 360 mold materials within 7 days of delivery. After the relevant assets are injected into the pesticide company, the parent company will no longer engage in the R & D, production, operation and other related activities of agrochemical business, and will be transformed into an investment holding company

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