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via embedded platform elaborated on the development direction in 2006 and launched starter kit software development kit

on January 11, 2006, via electronics, a global leader in IC design and embedded platform solutions, held a new year's conference "unlimited embedding, creative new world" in Beijing, introducing the operation of via embedded platform in 2005, And elaborated the 2006 market strategic planning. At the same time, via electronics also announced a starterkit software toolkit that can help system developers reduce development risks and speed up product development and market launch when adopting mainboards

at present, based on X86 standard, embedded system Goldilocks technology has developed intelligent automatic scheduling system (APS), intelligent automatic formulation system (AFS) and centralized production process control system (MCS), which are more and more widely used. As a leading manufacturer in the field of embedded systems, via electronics has formulated Mini TX, nano itx and other standards. In the system, the embedded platform based on via processor can run stably without fan, and has the characteristics of low power consumption, which is very important for the system environment that requires quiet and power saving. Therefore, with the characteristics of high efficiency, power saving, quiet and so on, Weisheng embedded system highlights the extremely high cost performance. After four years of development, Weisheng embedded flat "We are cooperating with our partners and customers, and the market share of our cooperation platforms has increased significantly every year.

at the beginning of 2006, for the development of the domestic embedded market, via has put forward the corresponding strategic planning plan for the embedded platform market. In the new year, via electronics will continue to actively develop proprietary product platforms for on-board PCs, POS, ip-stb/advertising machines, thin clients and other proprietary product platforms, relying on technological advantages and excellent prices Potential and excellent product solutions, vigorously expand the application scope of embedded system platform

Lin Rulin, global channel market manager of via embedded platform, said that 2006 was a year of great development for the via embedded market. Especially in the domestic market, via will shorten the distance between technology and applications with its compact, power-saving system, fan free design, flexible software service system and other advantages, and take the lead in the embedded market

at this meeting, via electronics also introduced a starter kit development kit specifically for via embedded platform to the participating media. This limited trial version of the development kit can help developers with certain development capabilities to quickly customize the product application platform, and provide security for the successful development of products with the advantage of less risk in the early stage of product development. At the same time, it can also help developers shorten the development cycle of products produced in recent years and ensure that products can be put into the market faster

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