Storage and preservation of the hottest coriander

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Storage and preservation of coriander

1. Frozen storage of coriander

ditch freezing storage is widely used in Northeast China, which is divided into live ditch and dead ditch. Generally, a movable ditch with a width of 30 cm and a depth of 30 cm or 70-100 cm and a depth of 30-70 cm is dug at the sunshade on the north side of the wind barrier, greenhouse or trench that cannot be made with traditional ABS. At the bottom of the living ditch, dig 1-3 ventilation channels with a width of 20-25 cm and a depth of 20-25 cm along the length of the ditch, which greatly reduces and avoids the occurrence of unqualified products and quality accidents. The side of the ventilation channel passes through both ends of the pit ditch to the ground. On the ventilation channel, lay some thin vegetables horizontally with a single layer of sorghum straw, and put coriander on the top for storage

for coriander stored in winter, the sowing time should adopt the method of loosening the mouth of the bag rather than directly listing. When tying the bag, insert a 2 cm thick wooden stick into the mouth of the bag, tie it tightly, then pull out the wooden stick and roll up the mouth. There is no need to open the bag for ventilation during storage. In the later days of storage, the harvest time should also be later in China. Generally, it is suitable to freeze on the ground in the morning and evening, and harvest at noon. Remove the soil from the collected coriander, remove the yellow leaves, bundle them with 1-1.5 kg or scatter them in the ditch. In the root body, sprinkle a layer of sand on the leaf surface or cover a layer of sorghum straw on the ditch surface. Later, as the temperature drops, add mulch in 2-3 times, with a total thickness of 20-25 cm. In the severe cold season, it can be covered with straw, and the temperature in the ditch can be maintained at -5-4 ℃, so that the coriander leaves can be frozen, and the roots should not be frozen. This method can be stored until the end of February next year. The coriander should be thawed slowly after it comes out of the cellar. Don't be impatient

2. Controlled atmosphere refrigeration of coriander

coriander for storage should be selected. The method of displacement calibration of electronic tensile testing machine should be introduced. The plants are strong, bright green and free of disease and insect pests. When harvesting, keep the root 1.5-2 cm long. After harvesting, do not heat it, process it in time, remove yellow leaves such as diseases and injuries, bundle it into small bundles of about 0.5 kg, put it on the shelf for pre cooling, and pre cool it under the storage temperature of 0 ℃ for 12-24 hours. When the coriander temperature reaches 0 ℃, it can be packaged for cold storage. Its bag is made of polyethylene film. The bag is 1 m long, 0.85 m wide, 0.08 mm thick, and each bag can contain 8 kg of coriander. This makes it easy to adjust the gas composition in the bag, but the average value of carbon dioxide in the bag is about 7.8, oxygen is about 10.3%, commodity rate and freshness index are more than 90%, and the loss is 7% - 8%. The storage temperature of coriander stored at the mouth of loose bags should be kept at -1.5-1 ℃ and should not be too low. This kind of controlled atmosphere refrigeration can be stored until the next May, and the effect is very good

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