Storage and packaging of the hottest dry food

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Storage and packaging of dry food

(I) storage of dry food

the quality change of dry food in storage

includes morphological changes caused by moisture absorption, changes in water-soluble components, and changes in color change, discoloration and aromatic components caused by oxidation

various problems of dry food in storage and packaging

(II) packaging of dry food

1 dry food must maintain a low moisture content, and the existence of oxygen and light irradiation will affect the quality of food. Therefore, the packaging containers or materials must use those that are impermeable to moisture, air and light

2 packaging materials:

(1) metal cans are the most suitable packaging materials for dry food, followed by glass bottles, but the former is expensive, while the latter is heavy and transparent

(2) recently, the price and weight of plastic materials are ideal. The laminated film composed of several materials is suitable for packaging dry food

(3) aluminum foil and laminated paper can be used as packaging materials for dry food

3 packaging environment:

(1) dry food with high moisture absorption should be kept below 20% relative humidity, and dry food with ordinary moisture absorption should also be kept below 40% relative humidity

(2) the ambient temperature should be kept at 20 ~ 25 ℃ to improve the working efficiency of employees

(3) in order to keep the packaging environment quiet, the dehumidification device using lithium chloride solution as dehumidifier is quite suitable

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