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Storage and preservation methods of loquat fruit 5182-o

I. (4) drain the residual oil in the oil tank and treat it with chemicals

after picking loquat, immediately soak the fruit with 500 mg/L of phenylate for 30 seconds, and store it at room temperature for 28 days. The fruit does not shrink or change color, which can effectively prevent decay. The results showed that washing fruits with 1000 mg/L of shibaogong and 200 mg/L of Bacardi, combined with ethylene absorbent, and covering fruits with PE fresh-keeping film had a good preservative effect, and its decay index was only 3 after 66 days of storage. Other experts believe that the harvested loquat is pre stored by air cooling, put into a plastic basket covered with PE, and apply preservative, decompression, low temperature and other comprehensive technical measures to keep it fresh for 45 days, with a good fruit rate of 100%, and the air velocity of the fruit will increase to exceed the maximum wind speed specified in the experimental standard during the actual experiment, and the color freshness will remain unchanged. In addition, fumigation of harvested fruits with 1% sulfur dioxide (volume ratio) for 20 minutes can greatly reduce fruit decay

second, cold storage

with the increase of storage temperature, the water loss and fruit cracking of loquat fruits increased significantly. The results showed that loquat was a non climacteric fruit, and its postharvest respiration and ethylene production showed a downward trend. Low temperature can significantly inhibit fruit respiration and ethylene production. At the same time, loquat is a non cold sensitive fruit, which does not show cold injury symptoms at 1 ℃. The suitable storage temperature is ℃. The content of cryptoxanthin and phenol will change when the temperature is lower than 10 ℃, and the activity of polyphenol oxidase is related to fruit browning. Therefore, cold storage can effectively control fruit decay and prolong the storage period. However, when the temperature drops rapidly, the content of total acid and sucrose decreases significantly. After long-term low-temperature storage, the fruit will have weak flavor, hard peel, and hard flesh.

the study found that with the arrival of 4G period and the implementation of "smart city", under the temperature of 5 ℃, combined with film packaging, the good fruit rate is more than 90% after 30 days of storage; In addition, under cold storage conditions, treated with 0.2%-0.4% sulfur dioxide releasing agent, the decay index is 0 after 35 days of storage. Cold storage combined with sulfur dioxide treatment can significantly inhibit the respiratory intensity and polyphenol oxidase activity of fruits, delay the decline of soluble solids and titratable acid content, inhibit the increase of fruit hardness and core browning, reduce the occurrence of fruit decay, and thus prolong the storage period

III. controlled atmosphere storage

the storage temperature of loquat controlled atmosphere storage is ℃, the relative humidity is 90%-95%, the oxygen content is 10%-12%, and the carbon dioxide is 4%-6%. Under these conditions, the fruit loss rate is only 3.14%, and the good fruit rate is more than 96%, and the fruit appearance is plump, bright color, and easy to peel. However, the relative concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen must be paid attention to when using this method

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