Storage and preservation methods and techniques of

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Storage and preservation methods and techniques of garlic bolt

garlic bolt is commonly known as garlic seedling in some places. It is the flower stem of bolting garlic after vernalization, and it is an important by-product of garlic production. Garlic bolt is rich in crude protein, vitamins and minerals, and tastes delicious. It is a high-quality and high-end vegetable

(I) storage conditions

1 Temperature 5℃。

2. The relative humidity is 90% - 95%

3. Gas composition o2:2%-4%, co2:6%-8%

(II) storage method

1 Ice cellar storage method: cut the old roots of the selected garlic stalks, remove the leaf sheaths, and put 1kg in a bundle into a cattail bag after the action of light, heat and oxygen. Each package is kg, tied with ropes outside, and enter the cellar in time

store the ice picked in winter in the cellar for standby. When storing garlic sprouts, first lay two layers of ice at the bottom of the cellar, and then code two ice cubes on the cellar wall, and then stack garlic sprouts on the ice, with a layer of ice cubes. One layer of garlic stalks is stacked, with a total of layers of garlic stalks. The middle of each layer of garlic stalks is filled with crushed ice, and the top layer of ice is covered with rice husks for heat insulation, with a thickness of about LM, and the cellar door is sealed with mud paste. Judge the storage of garlic sprouts in the cellar according to the smell and color of the water at the bottom of the cellar

2 For natural controlled atmosphere storage in small packaging bags, bundle the selected garlic stalks into small bundles, and pre cool them to 0 ℃ in the pre cooling room, with a loading thickness of 0 In 08mm polyethylene plastic film bags, each bag is kg, which is 50% - 60% of the gap in the bag. Put the plastic bag on the storage rack and maintain the temperature in the warehouse at 0 ± 0.5 ℃. Now, use the orb gas analyzer to measure the gas composition in the bag during storage. When the oxygen content in the bag is below 2%, open the bag mouth in time to let out the air and put in fresh air. If there is no analytical instrument, the gas composition in the bag can be adjusted by regular ventilation. In the early stage of storage, every 10 days, and in the later stage, every 7 days, open the bag mouth for ventilation

3. Silicon window controlled atmosphere storage method will put the selected garlic stalks into the storage box, first lay a layer of plastic film at the bottom of the warehouse, and the size of the bottom film is cm larger than the account body, and then stack the storage box with garlic stalks on the bottom film. When stacking, pay attention to leaving appropriate gaps to ensure the circulation of cold air. The specification of large account is generally 4.1m × 3.7m × 1.4m, the area of silicon window is 1.28m2, and the stored garlic bolt is 2000kg. It is certain to judge whether the product has potential safety hazards and take compulsory measures such as market withdrawal. After the garlic sprouts are stacked, the accounts shall be deducted in time, so that the bottom membrane and the account body are tightly sealed, compacted with fine soil, and the permeability of silicone rubber is used to maintain the more appropriate gas composition in the account. Generally, the oxygen in the account is maintained at about 13%, and the carbon dioxide is maintained at about 5%. The storage effect is good

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