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Pick up cigarette butts and gifts to promote a new trend of civilization

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"bend down and add color to civilization, more cleaning and more harmony, which will not improve wear resistance. Picking up a bag of cigarette butts can also exchange for incense, the operating knowledge of oil delivery and return of hydraulic universal testing machine, soap and towel." On October 11, Ma Jun, a mobile volunteer service station, picked up cigarette butts and exchanged gifts in the square of Hongsibao District, Wuzhong City, said

in recent days, the civilization office, the founding office and the environmental health management center of Hongsibao district have jointly carried out the activity of "cigarette butts don't fall, and Hongsibao is more beautiful" to collect cigarette butts and exchange gifts, so as to promote a new trend of civilization and create a good atmosphere for everyone to participate in and support the founding of the city

in the streets of Hongsibao, many participants can be seen picking up cigarette butts and garbage in every corner of the city, advocating smokers to consciously throw cigarette butts into the dustbin, and standardizing the parking of shared bicycles, which increased by more than 30% compared with the same period last year. "Picking up is just an action, and the key is to develop the habit of 'not throwing around'. Community residents should strive to be supporters and participants in optimizing the city's appearance and environment." Ding Weiguo, who is picking up cigarette butts, said

this is of great significance. This activity set up a long-term exchange point in the environmental health management center of Hongsibao district to exchange handbags, soaps, towels and other daily items according to the number of cigarette butts picked up by citizens, and encourage the participation of the whole people. Up to now, more than 800 people have participated in the "cigarette butts don't fall on the ground, Hongsibao is more beautiful" cigarette butts exchange gift activity. More than 68800 cigarette butts have been collected, and 60 pieces of soap, 20 towels, 80 bags of washing powder, 40 rolls of paper, and 60 environmental protection bags have been exchanged

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