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Mettler Toledo instrument: Pi solution in the pharmaceutical industry

pi (product detection) products include inspection scales, metal detectors, X-rays, etc., which are widely used in the packaging line of the pharmaceutical industry. METTLER TOLEDO is a leading instrument/weighing equipment manufacturer. This time, it introduced the advanced detection system for the China India seminar

tablex metal detector can prevent metal from mixing into products in the process of contact with products. Its detection head is small and flexible, which is used to make rubber enhanced detector industry-leading and improve the accuracy and stability of the healthy development of e-commerce, industrial interconnection and interconnected finance; The X-ray detection system can be used to detect the quality of final products and packaging. Its detection contents include: detecting damaged and missing products/packaging contents; Detect foreign matters; Judge the sealing condition. The automatic weight checking scale can accurately control the weight of the products filled by the filling machine, and is good at dealing with thin and unstable products

Mettler Toledo's products involve metal detector product series, X-ray foreign body detection system and weight detection product series. Mettler Toledo has 25 sales and service centers in China, and its testing system, dynamic weighing scale, anti-corrosion platform scale and other testing equipment have practical applications in China

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