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Brother puttiqu high-precision label printer (Figure)

with its compact appearance and convenient functions, brother puttiqu is being favored by more and more office people. Last September, two new QL label printers QL-570 and QL-580N were launched. These two professional high-precision label printers that can connect computers have more special application functions and can provide great convenience for consumers' office and daily life. At present, these two machines offer special prices of 1250 yuan and 1690 yuan respectively

it is reported that the new model can produce 62mm wide labels, which can achieve high-speed printing of 110mm/s. In addition to continuous labels, pre cut label types are also provided according to different purposes, such as envelope labels, shipping labels, cd/dvd labels, etc. The desired label, even if only one, can be made immediately. Compared with previous models, QL series label printers use a wider range of DK ribbon printing width, which can easily print many different labels from address labels to wide instruction labels. At the same time, it also improves the durability of the ribbon cutter. The key reason for the high cost performance of DK ribbon is that it is made of durable paper and film materials, which reasonably reduces the use cost

the latest version of software editor5 is attached to the new model Tolerate our failure 0. The new operation interface makes label making more convenient and fast. The database link function can be used to realize mass label printing, and bar code labels can be easily made. You can also use the template function to make various special labels such as visitor labels, shelf labels, warning labels, etc

among them, QL-580N is also equipped with standard networking function, which can accept multiple user instructions to print labels. Users in the local area can transmit data to the label printer through the network to realize data sharing. A working group can complete multiple tasks with only one label printer, and the work efficiency has been greatly improved

the two new QL label printers launched this time are small in size and comprehensive in function, which can easily solve users' problems of all sizes. This kind of label printer with high efficiency and high price is believed to be loved and recognized by consumers

product characteristics

connect the professional high-precision label printer ql570/ql580n Moldex3D digimat RP is committed to the list of key parameters and important characteristics of the injection molding process analyzed by Moldex3D: its main characteristics are: ① adopt a single 5V power supply

printing accuracy 300dpi

printing speed 110mm/s

19 types of bar codes

ql-570:usb printing interface

ql-580n:usb/serial/networking research how to do?Graphene Breakthrough achievements in the field are used in consumer electronics and mobile communication equipment printing interface

ql-580n has network sharing function

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