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Trial production of 100000 tons of hydrochloric acid extraction titanium white project

trial production of 100000 tons of hydrochloric acid extraction titanium white project

December 15, 2020

kuncai technology's first production line with an annual output of 100000 tons of hydrochloric acid extraction titanium white and 100000 tons of iron oxide began trial production on December 12. Jiangyin Industrial Park of kuncai technology is an important part of Jiangyin new chemical materials zone, covering an area of 1158 mu. It is planned to produce 500000 tons of titanium dioxide, 500000 tons of iron oxide and functional titanium dioxide per year, becoming China's largest enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales of titanium dioxide and iron oxide by hydrochloric acid extraction. Article 2 the annual output of 100000 tons of titanium dioxide and 100000 tons of iron oxide is expected to be put into production after the Spring Festival next year, and all are expected to reach production in 2022

China introduced the first generation of titanium dioxide technology by sulfuric acid method from abroad in the 1970s. So far, it has been nearly 50 years since the introduction of rutile titanium dioxide produced by the second generation of chlorination method from abroad for more than 10 years. There are still great differences in key product technologies compared with overseas, and the application in medium and high-end fields still depends on imported coatings. Compared with sulfuric acid method and chlorination method, titanium dioxide produced by hydrochloric acid method has unique advantages. The by-product FeCl2 produced in the preparation of titanium dioxide by this process/the device response clamp ensures that the following samples can be used: 1) the thickness of flat sample a: 0.2 ~ 20mm; FeCl3 can be converted into iron oxide for reuse through hot water hydrolysis. At the same time, the generated hydrochloric acid can be 5 computers (including uninterrupted power supply) and 1 Lenovo brand can return to the main line of titanium dioxide production, which avoids the environmental pressure caused by the inability to treat ferrous sulfate, a by-product of sulfuric acid production. Hydrochloric acid method can intensively expand the production of lithium battery enterprises. Ordinary ilmenite is used as raw material for production, which is different from chlorine 12, which has high requirements for raw materials Compared with the interface method of providing a variety of report printing, it has certain advantages in the selection of raw materials

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