Pigment sensitized sun produced by high durability

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High durability pigment of Fuji film pigment sensitized solar cell

Fuji film has developed a pigment for pigment sensitized solar cells that improves durability. At the 12th international nanotechnology Exhibition (nanotech2013), which is being held at Tokyo Youming International Convention and Exhibition Center once a month, the company disclosed the performance indicators of solar cells trial produced with newly developed pigments

the currently used pigment blackd will have a series of problems, such as leakage, Ye has the problem of low durability. However, the conversion efficiency of the solar cell trial produced with the pigment newly developed by Fujifilm is reduced by less than 10% after being stored for 1000 hours at 85 ℃ and 85% humidity

in addition to durability, the pigments developed by Fujifilm this time have also made many improvements in improving conversion efficiency. For example, the current value is increased by enhancing the absorption of light at the long wave end, and the voltage value is increased by suppressing the dark current

in fact, the pigment sensitized solar cell developed by sharp with this pigment has achieved the world's highest conversion efficiency of 11.9%. The cell area of Sharp's test product is 1.00cm2, the short-circuit current is 22.58ma, the open circuit voltage is 0.744v, and the filling factor is 71.2%. The conversion efficiency is integrated by Japanese industrial technology, and more new flame retardant products will continue to be developed and measured by the Research Institute. In the future, in order to further improve the conversion efficiency, fujitu automobile glove box film will continue to be improved to absorb more light at the long wavelength end

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