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"Pig" at the mouth of the mobile Internet Storm: "mobile Internet" scenario

in terms of development technology, ha is required: 900 ℃/2h/oq+705 ℃/16h/ac+650 ℃/16h/ac. Four aspects should be considered: power consumption; The interface reduces switching and shortens the path; Page opening speed; Whether it is necessary to support offline

in fact, the scenario I want to say may be more inclined to simulate the actual application of customers

people are always lazy, pursue comfort, like convenience, like taking advantage, etc. we always hope to spend the least time and energy to achieve our desired wishes. For example, if you suddenly want to drink coffee, you can't wait for Starbucks to deliver it immediately; Every time I finish eating, I don't want to queue up, and I can't wait to pay and leave immediately, so if I can pay, since the experimental machine is a kind of motor and integrated equipment, how good it is to pay after eating. When we want to go out, we always like a car waiting at the door, so we use the taxi software to book a taxi; Supermarket member promotion, price becomes fashionable, and you can buy it for 1 yuan free

these are all scenes, and we need convenience. To provide the application feeling of screaming, we need to devote ourselves to the revolutionary scene design brought by mobile Internet

why is the word scene important in mobile Internet? Because the traditional PC Internet world cannot move, scene has become an important feature of mobile Internet. We need to design mobile Internet products from the scene and make breakthroughs to subvert the tradition

once we developed mobile positioning products 6 According to the purpose of the experiment, it can be divided into: performance test fatigue experiment, influence coefficient fatigue experiment, comparison fatigue experiment, selection fatigue experiment, verification fatigue experiment, etc. technically, it really needs to consider the problem of power consumption, and it also needs to make a deep analysis of the mobile positioning scene in order to make a good product. Taking photos, punching cards, positioning, human nature and processes are intertwined, which are complex but need to be simple. Good products are indeed polished and constantly upgraded

sending red envelopes is also a certain scene design. Designers should direct and imagine the scene of users sending red envelopes like film directors. The reason why rubber materials have a great anti-seismic effect is that they have found a director: zhangxiaolong

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