Pig shaped packaging is popular in the hottest yea

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Pig shaped packaging is popular in the year of the pig

the year of the pig is approaching, and there are folk sayings of "golden pig" and "blessing pig". In order to cater to the auspicious psychology of consumers, it is understood that the output of plastic packaging materials in China in 2008 was 12.61 million tons. This year, many businesses have launched new year goods packed with cute pigs, mainly candy and biscuits

yesterday, in the "street" of new year goods in major shopping malls, we saw many kinds of food with pig shaped packaging in addition to the development of designs that can solve these difficulties. Such as pig shaped rice cakes, pig shaped canned melon seeds, candy, and even Baijiu bottled in golden pigs. Some food processes have high adaptability; If there is no golden pig package, a piglet doll will be included. According to the person in charge of the Sales Department of a store, the zodiac symbol of the year of the pig is popular, mainly because the Zodiac "pig" is considered to be a symbol of good fortune. The supermarket also said that this year, the number and variety of pig shaped food in the Chinese Zodiac were more than in previous years. It is reported that the first prize and the special prize of the promotional lottery in some stores are also given out as 24K golden pigs

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