The first personal photovoltaic project in Dingnan

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On December 2, Mr. He, a resident at No. 119, Huancheng South Road, Dingnan County, successfully integrated the power generated by his personal photovoltaic power generation equipment into electricity, which is the first personal photovoltaic power generation project in Dingnan County incorporated under the electric cylinder

the author learned that Mr. He has installed 20 solar panels of Taiyuan Jinan testing machine on the roof of his house, with a total power of 5kW. The upper power declared to guodingnan power supply company is 5kW, and the annual power generation is about 5000 kwh

guodingnan county power supply company 10 let us pray for Malaysia Airlines to pay more attention to personal photovoltaic power generation, from application to "one-stop" service. In September this year, Mr. he submitted an application for a personal photovoltaic power generation project to the power supply company, which was soon approved by the company, and discussed with it and connected with the table. After the completion of construction on November 28, an application for acceptance shall be submitted to the power supply company, and the power supply company shall immediately organize technicians to conduct acceptance. All instructions meet the requirements

it is understood that a number of users in Dingnan county are preparing to apply for photovoltaic power generation projects. The power supply company has opened up a green channel for all applicants, streamlined business processes, and actively promoted and popularized the application of new energy for photovoltaic power generation. Zhonghua glass () Department

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