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On November 15, the first international service skills competition held by the company's international marketing division came to a successful conclusion. At the 2014 annual meeting of global dealers held by the company on November 17, yuchuanfen, President of the joint stock company, announced the list of winners, And awarded honorary certificates and trophies to the winners. Victor from Namibian dealers will be favored by more and more merchants. Emanuel won the championship. LV Baosheng, a South African subsidiary, and nickle safaya, an Indian subsidiary, won the second place; Marcelo Lemos of Brazilian dealer, coavo mononen of Myanmar dealer and yirpan of Indonesia dealer won the third place respectively

strictly select 15 elites to prepare for Longcheng

in order to improve the service skills of the service team of overseas dealers, the international marketing business department started the preparation and planning of the service skills competition of overseas dealers in September this year. All overseas subsidiaries shall promptly avoid dry friction after receiving the requirements of the relevant rules of the martial arts contest; Quickly organize service personnel in all regions. The field of plastic flexible packaging is the most important use of composite polyurethane adhesive. 1. Comprehensively evaluate the service personnel in the region, and then select the best players from the dealers to participate in the theoretical examination. According to the test results, the technical training department of the international marketing business department finally determined 15 service elites from 11 countries to gather the training and finals conducted by the company headquarters

among the 15 contestants participating in the competition and finals, 12 are foreign players. Most of them are going abroad for the first time. The visa process for some of them is full of twists and turns. In order to enable all the contestants to successfully participate in the finals, with the efforts of the visa staff of the international marketing department, all the contestants arrived in the beautiful Liuzhou on November 9. From November 10 to 12, the trainers of the technical training department arranged the essence training courses for all the contestants of clg856h loader and clg922e excavator, especially the professional courses developed for this finals, covering the hydraulic, electrical, engine, bridge, box, etc. of these two products, so as to ensure that the contestants master the product characteristics and system structure of H-series loader and E-Series excavator in a short time

On November 14, after a week of continuous rain, it ushered in a rare sunny day. In the loader mainframe factory, the international marketing division held a brief opening ceremony for the final. Luoguobing, vice president and general manager of the international marketing division of the joint stock company, said in his opening speech that Liugong attaches great importance to the development of post market business. Liugong not only establishes accessory centers and training centers in overseas subsidiaries, but also sends a large number of experienced service personnel to stay in major markets for a long time to work with dealer service personnel. They trust each other, help each other, and learn and progress together. We hold the international service skills competition to better build a technical exchange platform between service personnel

in the final of Liugong international skills competition, the technical training department of the international marketing business department prepared two sets of English test questions for H-series loaders and E-Series excavators, covering system theory, component detection, component disassembly and assembly and whole machine troubleshooting. Most of the 15 contestants from 11 countries do not use English as their first language. For example, the contestants from Brazil, Argentina and Myanmar use Portuguese, Spanish and Myanmar as their first language respectively. The level of personal language ability virtually increases the variables of the competition. All contestants must not only be proficient in technology, but also have English language ability. According to the competition rules, each contestant must have a written theoretical test and practical operation, in which the written theoretical test lasts for 2 hours to assess the contents of loaders and excavators respectively. The practice operation is divided into 4 rounds, each of which is limited to 45 minutes. The content includes troubleshooting and diagnosis of loader, excavator and parts. The contestants quickly find out the fault point through logical judgment, on-site inspection of electrical and hydraulic schematic diagrams, and testing with professional testing tools

through this international skills competition, the contestants said that it was an unforgettable competition experience, and they hoped to continue to participate in such competitions when they had the opportunity

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