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Zoomlion's first overseas product maintenance center was established in Myanmar

the establishment of Zoomlion's first overseas product maintenance center in Myanmar

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recently, Zoomlion's first overseas full range product maintenance center, an enterprise in Changsha high tech Zone, was officially inaugurated in Yangon, Myanmar, The center is authorized by Zoomlion to set up by Shanghai Weide Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Weide") to provide better services and create more value for Myanmar customers

"a good product is the first step to obtain the market and customers. Only with high-quality and efficient services and a perfect spare parts supply system can the brand achieve considerable development and remain prosperous in the market." Xiongyanming, vice president of Zoomlion and general manager of overseas companies, said that he would work with Shanghai Weide to build a special maintenance center, build a spare parts warehouse, improve service quality and provide stable and high-quality marketing support services

the special maintenance service center opened in Myanmar this time will provide sales, spare parts supply and maintenance services of equipment products including concrete machinery, engineering crane tensile machine, also known as tensile testing machine, and universal tensile machine, which we collectively refer to here as tensile machine, construction crane, foundation construction, etc., covering all major models of Zoomlion in Myanmar. In addition, the special maintenance service center has an overhaul plant and a parts center library; At the same time, it is equipped with a professional management team and a professional service engineer team. The second stage is 2021 (2) 025; According to the market demand, Zoomlion equipment and spare parts worth 2million US dollars have been provided, and it is planned to introduce another 10million US dollars of Zoomlion equipment within one year

as an important exporter of China's construction machinery, Myanmar plays an important role in the overseas expansion and global layout of Zoomlion's construction machinery products. In recent years, the sales of Zoomlion engineering cranes, pavement machinery, construction cranes, concrete equipment and other products in Myanmar market have increased steadily year by year, and achieved a good market share

in 2016, Zoomlion accelerated the internationalization process of "going out" and "going in", continued to promote the independent business model of localized companies with the idea of "focusing, assembling and localization", improved the marketing network in key countries, and built a complete global service support system and parts supply system. Zoomlion has established nine central warehouses in Indonesia, Thailand, India, Dubai, South Africa, Algeria, Russia, Brazil and Pakistan, realizing centralized management of high-frequency parts inventory and providing customers with efficient and convenient spare parts services

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