Three measures to control air pollution in Guangra

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Guangrao County has taken three major measures to control air pollution since 2017, Guangrao County, Dongying City, Shandong Province has carried out in-depth special actions to control water, gas and soil pollution, vigorously promoted the comprehensive treatment of outstanding environmental protection problems, and focused on the prevention and control of air pollution

pay close attention to coal-fired control

Guangrao County has broken down the reduction task of 443000 tons to 92 key coal consuming enterprises, and has reduced 237000 tons

at the same time, the county has treated the pollution of loose coal and accelerated the "village to village" gas project

at present, 33 kilometers of gas mains have been laid in Guangrao County, 187 villages have started to install gas facilities, of which 47 have been completed

it has also redefined the no burning zone for highly polluting fuels. Among them, the PCB industry has been built into a PCB industry with the most complete product varieties, the most complete industrial chain and the earliest comprehensive technical level in the PCB field in China, strictly preventing the re burning of loose coal; A total of 682 small coal-fired boilers have been found to be "cleared", and 681 have been banned. The time limit for the removal of the remaining one has been specified to ensure that it is "cleared" on schedule

strengthen enterprise renovation

a total of 85 "scattered pollution" enterprises have been found in the county, and all of them have been stopped for rectification in accordance with the principle of "first stopping, then treating, and tackling difficult problems by classification"

among them, 68 of the 75 eliminated enterprises have been banned, and the remaining 7 have been completed by the end of October; 10 upgrading and transformation enterprises shall be completed before the end of the year

the ultra-low emission renovation project for 31 coal-fired boilers with a steam capacity of more than 10 tons in 9 thermal power plants and 2 petrochemical enterprises has been completed and put into operation

8 VOCs treatment projects of petrochemical enterprises have been completed

15 enterprises have completed leakage detection and repair projects, and 11 have been completed. Seven key petrochemical enterprises have all installed automatic monitoring equipment for flue gas emission, and real-time control of excessive emissions was carried out on April 8th, 2015

all enterprises in the organic chemical industry, packaging and printing, surface coating and other industries carry out VOCs control by category to ensure that the remediation task is completed by the end of the year

strengthen supervision

it is understood that Guangrao County urged all 16 construction sites to implement the "six hundred percent" prevention and control measures. A total of 150 sites were spot checked, 4 illegal acts were investigated and 14 were ordered to rectify within a time limit

increase the frequency of road machine sweeping and washing, and expand the scope of wet cleaning and watering

adhere to the combination of dredging and blocking, formulate special reward and subsidy policies, and the comprehensive utilization rate of straw returning to the field and silage reaches more than 95%. Strengthen incineration supervision, and start accountability for the burning points notified by the Ministry of environmental protection

strengthen law enforcement and supervision, improve the linkage mechanism between environmental protection and public security, procuratorial organs and laws, and crack down on illegal acts

since the beginning of this year, we have investigated and dealt with 82 of these 8 gas environment violations, filed 69 cases and fined 3.27 million yuan

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