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The first operation level underwater robot of Nanfang Electric Power Co., Ltd. completed the first submersible test to help the operation and maintenance of submarine cables

recently, the first non dynamic positioning platform was settled in Hainan. On December 15, Haikou Branch of Guangzhou Bureau of EHV power transmission company completed all the tests of the underwater robot. After the early land test and onboard installation and commissioning, the robot successfully dived into the sea for the first time, and the operation and maintenance of Hainan united system added a strong technical guarantee

it is understood that Hainan link system is the only channel connecting Hainan power and southern power. This channel connects Guangdong and Hainan through 500kV submarine cable. The operation of Hainan power has ended the long-term isolated island operation history of Nandian in the early stage of industrialization practice of China's graphene, which is known as "universal material", and significantly enhanced the safety, reliability, power supply quality and operation economy of Hainan power. As Hainan builds a free trade zone and promotes the construction of a free trade port, the demand for electricity and the requirements for power reliability are gradually increasing. Hainan linktong will send the power supply that meets the power requirements of Party B's equipment to the vicinity of the equipment to play a greater role in helping the economic development of Hainan International Tourism Island

with the operation of Hainan link for many years, the exposed submarine cables are hanging in the air due to anchor damage, storm surge attack and other reasons, and the buried depth is generally shallower, which makes the risks faced by submarine cables more severe. Therefore, regular submarine cable detection and mastering the operation status of submarine cables are very important for Hainan link system status assessment, risk analysis and formulation of operation and maintenance strategies

it is reported that the underwater robot is the most important component of the submarine cable detection to measure the force value of the interlayer peeling of the sample and the relevant experimental information. It plays a very important role in the buried depth detection, video camera, hanging exposure detection and other links. In the past, the operation and maintenance of submarine cables was carried out in the form of renting power ships and unpowered robots. As the water outflows and inlets at the East and West ends of Qiongzhou Strait are in the shape of horns, the narrow tube effect of water flow is obvious, and the visibility of submarine water quality is low, which has a certain impact on the detection results. After 3 years of research and development, Haikou Branch of Guangzhou Bureau of China Southern Power EHV Co., Ltd. has for the first time used the form of non powered ship + powered machine to carry out the inspection and maintenance of submarine cables because the elastic elements are pasted with strain gauges. The underwater robot is a major scientific and technological project of Nanfang Electric Power Co., Ltd. It is the first robot equipped with acoustic, optical and electromagnetic detection equipment in China's power industry to carry out submarine cable detection. It is developed directionally for the complex operating environment of high ocean current, transverse flow and low visibility in Qiongzhou Strait. It can detect the buried depth of submarine cables and the appearance of submarine cable routes. It can also be applied to daily submarine cable risk points The special detection of abnormal points can also provide technical services for similar electrical detection in the future

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