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On March 6th, 2014, hosted by Foshan federal Gordon Furniture Co., Ltd., Sohu commonweal? The "green value era" Summit Forum co organized by green channel was grandly held in Ramada Shaoguan hotel

on March 6, 2014, sponsored by Foshan federal Gordon Furniture Co., Ltd., Sohu public welfare? The "green value era" Summit Forum co organized by green channel was grandly held in Ramada Shaoguan hotel

representatives and leaders of Guangdong Provincial Forestry Department, Shaoguan municipal Party committee, Shaoguan Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, Shaoguan Forestry Bureau, as well as Professor Li Kaifu of South China Agricultural University, Liu Shouhua, chief representative of diefenbach China, Germany, sun Zhongliang, senior director of Red Star Macalline, Lin Yixue, general manager of federal Gordon, Yang yinsen, chairman of Guangdong Hansen environmental protection materials technology Co., Ltd., Lei Dingwu, director of Sohu Home in South China Zheng Zhe, senior manager of Sohu Home, Sohu commonweal? Liu Shan, senior editor of green channel, and other guests attended the summit forum

as the representative of the organizer of the event, Lin Yixue, general manager of federal Gordon, first delivered a welcome speech and issued a "green" declaration, calling on the public to pay attention to "green", so that "green" as a spirit, a force and a pursuit can be repeated and endless. The representative leaders of Shaoguan municipal Party committee also made a speech to affirm the efforts of enterprises to promote the development of green environmental protection, contribute to the sustainable development of society, and call on the public to pay attention to environmental protection and green issues. Li Kaifu, a professor at South China Agricultural University, is a well-known expert in man-made panels in China. With the title of "breaking the green barrier and seeking to drive", he introduced the environmental protection status of man-made panels in China and the development trend of man-made panels, gave participants a professional and vivid popularization course on green panels, and placed high expectations on the green and sustainable development of enterprises at the strategic level

this summit forum also received the full support of Guangdong Hansen environmental protection material technology Co., Ltd. As a first-class man-made panel manufacturer in the industry, Hansen company has introduced the most advanced German Dieffenbach chipboard production line and technology, and the product quality has reached the international advanced level. Through this forum, federal Gordon and Hansen reached a strategic cooperation relationship, and the leaders of the two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the spot, opening a green chapter of strong strong cooperation. The signing of the agreement means that federal Gordon welcomes the upgrading of plates from E1 to E0. And with the brand-new name "green board", it interprets the concept and significance of upgrading federal Gordon board. The "green board" with more environmental protection and low aldehyde is not only the meaning of "green board", but also the standards and commandments that federal Gordon abides by, and the green commitment of federal Gordon to customer health and safety

the cause of green environmental protection not only needs the advocacy of the government, the guidance of the academic community, as well as the responsibility of the enterprise itself, but also needs a public platform to take the concept of "green environmental protection" as a public welfare cause, deepen the hearts of the people, and promote the public to pay attention to the cause of green environmental protection. Lei Dingwu, the director of Sohu Home in South China, analyzed the significance and value of building a "green and environmental friendly" brand image from the perspective of Internet media, and made a keynote speech "green walkers - practicing green ideas", which fully affirmed the efforts of federal Gordon brand in practicing green production values and promoting the cause of green home

after that, six guests, Lin Yixue, Yang yinsen, sun Zhongliang, Liu Shan, Lei Dingwu and Li Kaifu, jointly launched the federal Gordon "green Walker" project. "Green Walker" is a banner set up by federal Gordon to practice its brand social responsibility, and Sohu public welfare green channel has become an important platform for federal Gordon to carry out green public welfare activities. The two sides will work together to spread green ideas and strive for the development of green undertakings. The first activity of "green Walker" will be held in June

on the afternoon of March 6, the federal Gordon "green value era" Summit Forum came to a successful conclusion




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