The living room is getting warmer, and life is get

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We are among the crowds every day, but it seems that we are on an island

we join the crowd every day,

but it seems that we are on an island

busy you, maybe:

haven't watched TV with your children for a long time,

haven't had a good chat with your family for a long time,

haven't invited friends to come home for a long time

don't let life be destroyed by the catalyst of social rhythm.

the living room is the best place for emotional communication.

you might as well sit down and enjoy the most innocent and beautiful time

partition lockers

give the living room a collection of scenery

TV cabinets, tea tables, and sofas are standard in the living room, but partition lockers are added next to the sofa, and the semi open storage space scattered inside is fashionable and comfortable

the TV cabinet with low-key color is in a prominent position in the living room. The suspended long cabinet is matched with the vertical cabinet, and the wall is decorated with a shelf layer to highlight the sense of non publicity and low-key calm

wall shelf storage cabinet

things that can't be put on the wall are piled on the wall

the sofa stands against the wall. The wall space of the restaurant is used as the storage area, and the long space is divided into multiple areas. Books, photo frames, small decorations, etc. that you often read are stored one by one, decorating the space and decorating the mood

in order to distinguish the dining room from the living room, the design of the vertical cabinet is the whole highlight, which not only has the partition function, but also can be used as a storage cabinet, killing two birds with one stone. The materials of the cabinet and the lines of the restaurant echo the living room, with a full sense of integrity

combined collocation

the life at will is more wonderful

white and saturated color collocation give space light pleasure. In order to ensure sufficient activity space, the dining room is designed with a card seat against the wall, which can be used as a chair for dining. It is simple and practical. The wall is inverted square and the cabinet is upright, with a sudden three-dimensional feeling

the bright yellow with the elegant purity of white, the overall bright yellow decoration, elegant fashion, the experience of modern elegant life stands out, and the inverted square hanging cabinet blooms like a flower

Chinese style, Chinese soul

dignified and elegant feeling comes to our face

the Chinese living room takes solid wood as the main building material, and uses artistic means such as carving, calligraphy, arts and crafts, home furnishings to create the artistic conception of the room, which is simple and beautiful, natural and refined

Chinese style is not completely retro Ming and Qing Dynasties, but through the characteristics of Chinese style, it expresses the pursuit of the Oriental spiritual realm of elegance, elegance and elegance




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