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Ouyanate wood will launch the luxury brand and attract global investment at the Guangzhou Construction Expo. I sincerely invite you to come at that time, luxury, and look forward to meeting you


pp for extraordinary p> extravagant

extravagant to simple


pleasing to the eye


through complexity, define the extraordinary life

walk extravagant and simple, endow the beauty of space

p; inherit the exquisite craftsmanship and language high-end life #

sheyue, a new overall household sub brand of Zhejiang ouyanate Wood Industry Co., Ltd., integrates top-level senses, high quality and advantageous price, Create an ideal home space with high appearance for young people after 85 who have attitude and pursue top-level visual sensory experience. Sheyue combines wood, marble, cloth, leather and other high-quality materials, adopts Italian palace level design aesthetics, and draws lessons from the world's top jewelry processing technology to endow the space with simple, luxurious and extraordinary excellence

The birth of oyanate wood, a masterpiece of strength creation, is the grand business strategy of the parent company oyanate wood to focus on young generations of consumer groups in the consumption upgrading market environment. Ouyanat is one of the top ten stair brands in China and a famous brand in China. It is well-known in the field of high-end customized overall home furnishings. Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Binhai Industrial Park, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province. With a total investment of more than 80 million yuan, it covers an area of more than 40 mu, and has a standardized plant with a construction area of more than 30000 square meters. It is one of the most powerful overall woodwork production and service providers in China

In 2018, ouyanat invested 380million yuan to establish a new production base in Hubei, and spared no effort to build an overall household construction project for sheyue, with a total area of 120000 square meters after completion. The workshop of the new production base is planned and designed by German schulers and adopts professional numerical control equipment of German homage; It will also spend a lot of money to build an intelligent three-dimensional warehouse system, which can realize the mechanization and automation of the whole process, realize the seamless connection between the warehouse and various subsystems, improve production efficiency, shorten the customization cycle, and let consumers have a better customized home service experience

after the completion of the sheyue integrated home construction project, it will become a demonstration base in the field of intelligent customized home, and also marks the transformation and upgrading of ouyanat towards personalized, flexible and intelligent manufacturing. This is not only an increase in production capacity, but also a new leap in ouyanat's hard power

# Germany and Italy advanced production equipment speak for luxury quality #

the company spends a lot of money to introduce a full set of production equipment from Germany and Italy to meet the different needs of customized production of overall woodwork. The main equipment is bias, Germany, with equipment accuracy of 0.2mm. The integration of product manufacturing adopts first-class technology, which has a leading edge in the overall woodwork production service industry

The top design and planning team will build an extraordinary luxury brand p> backed by the powerful parent company ouyanat, the world's top production equipment and first-class production team will do research and development, and the top professional service team will build the brand image. The luxury brand is designed by Shanghai Jiwu and somen & The three-dimensional giant elephant was planned and built with great efforts

in terms of product design, according to the brand positioning and target consumer group positioning, sheyue pays more attention to high appearance value and top sensory experience, presents a younger design tone, conveys a fashionable, modern and dynamic life proposition and space aesthetic attitude, makes consumers fall in love at first sight, and truly realizes the pursuit of the ideal home space in their hearts. Shanghai Jiwu design is fully responsible for the product design of sheyue

in terms of brand packaging and communication content, sheyue has targeted young target customers after 85 who are high-value consumers and pursue top sensory experience. "Extraordinary" has become the brand personality and communication theme of sheyue. Whether it is research and development, technology, design or experience, it is interpreted in all aspects, such as the brand positioning of "creating a high-value ideal home space" and the brand slogan of "living for extraordinary", Then sheyue quickly occupied the mind of the target group, announcing the brand attitude of sheyue. A series of communication content made the young people after 85 who were obsessed with beauty begin to know, understand and fall in love with extravagance. The brand packaging and communication content of this luxury is provided by Soumen & Three dimensional colossus is planned and built with great efforts

with the blessing of top expert think tanks in brand design and planning, combined with ouyanat's strong R & D strength, we finally created such an outstanding luxury brand

# China Construction Expo (Guangzhou), sheyue officially set sail #

the wisdom crystallization of sheyue combined with the top team

will finally be unveiled in the passionate July

July 8-july 10

China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) poly World Trade Expo

Zone D 17.1-11

ouyanate wood will launch sheyue brand and attract global investment here. Whether you are a promising young man looking for high-value, simple and luxurious household products for Aijia, or a business elite eager to make a big career in the overall household industry, extravagance will be an opportunity you cannot miss. We sincerely invite you to come at that time, and look forward to meeting you




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