Qianzhuang embroidered wall cloth uses flowers to

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Qianzhuang uses flowers to accompany you through the four seasons and listen to the sound of flowers together. I'm willing to walk with Qianzhuang for half my life

flowers bloom all the year round

Wonderland is boundless and fragrant

it seems that there is any agreement.

at a time

it begins to bloom brilliantly


Pink Jade carving

spring trees bloom

birds sing and flowers

magnolia is in full bloom

a pink tree

a tree is simple and clean

the valley is full of Qinxiang


Qianzhuang planted a pink magnolia with embroidered thread until the spring, When it's slightly cold, don't be afraid of the cold, and welcome the arrival of spring with your beautiful posture

Wisteria light fragrance

light fragrance

light color

is the most beautiful scenery in memory

Beautiful Wisteria flowers like waterfalls

are like young and beautiful girls

wear long hair over the shoulders




plant lotus in the painting, and the result seems to be dynamic and static. Look at the lotus from a distance.The "posture" is so soft and charming, with extraordinary temperament

listen to the rain and the clouds are clear

the rain cuts through the gaps in the sky and accumulates densely. Leaning against the window, a pot of tea is a leisure. Listening to the rain, the lotus out of the mud is bathed in the clear rain



bird heralds auspiciousness

plant "a camellia with embroidered thread

autumn rhyme

deep at night, wind and bamboo knock autumn rhyme,

thousands of leaves and thousands of voices are hate

after the prosperity of spring and the enthusiasm of summer,

autumn comes with a long wind



Ling Han and lingering fragrance


ice flesh and jade bones,

thin shadow and elegant,

delicate fragrance and pleasant

"the wind and rain send spring home,

the flying snow ushers in the spring,

is already a hundred feet of ice on the cliff,

is still beautiful."

plum blossom Aoxue

embroider a plum tree in the cold,

before flowers bloom,

alone in spring,

greet spring with a proud bone and warm flowers

Qianzhuang uses flowers to accompany you through the four seasons

listen to the sound of flowers together

I'm willing to go out for half my life

you also accompany Qianzhuang to walk together

Qianzhuang is a modern leading enterprise specializing in the production of high-end embroidery background and other fabrics, integrating product research and development, production and marketing. Qianzhuang is located in Jiaxing, known as the home of silk, and inherits and carries forward the essence of Chinese embroidery culture. With the mission of "innovating embroidery technology and carrying forward embroidery culture" and the purpose of "creating the art of life", Qianzhuang is committed to creating a new model of the integration of embroidery and soft clothing

(source: Qianzhuang process)




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