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Many friends who stick wall coverings will find that even high-end wall coverings are no exception. Wall coverings are prone to problems when they are posted. In addition to the climate, there is also a very important reason, that is, the owner did not brush the base film during construction

when doing decoration, people often choose to stick wall cloth on the wall, because they are very beautiful and classy. Compared with monotonous paint, the advantages of wall cloth are self-evident, but many friends who stick wall cloth will find that even high-end wall cloth is not an exception, and wall cloth is prone to problems when posting. In addition to the climate, there is also a very important reason, that is, the owner did not brush the base film during construction. The role of the base membrane is particularly important at this time. Sharpen the knife without mistaking the woodcutter. Learn about the details that are easy to be ignored before pasting the wall cloth

1. There are six reasons why the base film must be used when pasting the wall cloth

the base film is used as the wall treatment material, which mainly plays the role of waterproof, moisture-proof, leveling, reinforcement, wall protection and so on. According to the different characteristics of the ground wall, the targeted selection of base film products will effectively prolong the service time of the wall cloth and provide guarantee for the effect of the wall cloth after it is put on the wall

reason 1: mildew proof and moisture proof

the main reason for the mildew of the wall cloth is that they have been in a humid environment for a long time. By painting the base film on the wall, an effective protective film is formed on the wall, so that the water inside the wall will not penetrate into the wallpaper adhesive coating, effectively reducing the possibility of wall cloth mildew

reason 2: isolate the alkaline substances in the wall

at present, the pH value of putty powder in China is high and generally alkaline. When the wall cloth is directly pasted on the wall with high alkaline, if the anti alkaline base film is used, it will effectively neutralize the alkaline of the wall, and form a protective film on the wall to effectively isolate the alkali content of the wall

reason 3: solidify the wall surface to prevent the wallpaper and wall cloth from falling off

most of the wall surfaces are rough and uneven, and the surface layer is easy to fall off powder. Directly stick the wall cloth, and the adhesion of the wall cloth glue after coating the wall is insufficient, which will reduce the adhesion effect of the wall cloth. After using the base film, one is to make the wall surface flat and solidified without falling off powder, and the other is that the surface of the base film has a certain adhesion, so that the wall cloth is not easy to fall off

reason 4: cover stains to beautify the wall

during the decoration process, a large amount of dust, sewage, etc. will be generated, which is easy to cause slight stains on the wall. After using the base film, a white film is formed on the wall surface to cover all the stains. After pasting the wall cloth, the stains will not appear on the wall

reason 5: protect the wall for convenient construction

after using the base film, the wall solidification is more dense and the wall is more flat. When mounting the wall cloth, the wall surface shall be flat to facilitate the movement of the wall cloth. When the old wall is demolished, the wall surface will not be damaged, so that the wall surface will always be in good condition. When replacing the wall cloth, it can be constructed directly without re wall treatment

reason 6: water based raw materials are safe and environmentally friendly

the main component of the base film is acrylic acid, which is water-soluble and belongs to water-soluble materials. Compared with varnish, it is safer and more environmentally friendly

2. Select the appropriate base membrane according to the characteristics of the wall.

type 1: Standard wall:

standard wall refers to a flat, dry, firm and pollution-free wall, and the standard base membrane is directly selected

type II: walls that are easy to crack and walls that often change the wall cloth:

diamond type base film is selected, which has the characteristics of thick film formation, high strength, wear resistance, crack prevention, strong resistance, and can form a solid protective layer on the wall surface

type III: alkaline wall:

steel alkali resistant base membrane is selected, which can penetrate deeply into the wall, effectively reduce the pH value of the wall, and form a protective film on the wall to effectively isolate the alkali content of the wall

type 4: soft powder falling wall:

permeable base membrane is selected, which can penetrate the putty layer to the wall, strengthen the firmness between the putty powder and the wall, as well as between the putty layers, and effectively solve the problem of wall powder falling

type V: walls with pollution and color difference:

permeable covering base membrane is selected, which can strengthen the wall and cover the pollution and color difference to form a solid white wall; And after pasting wallpaper, stains will not appear on the wall

through the above steps, you can easily enjoy the warm home brought by beautiful wallpaper and wallpaper, and more importantly, there are no worries at home

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