Wang Li, an Fang, a national special offer, hi Gou

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Wang Li's national preferential activity lasts until November 25. Come and rush

in life, we always encounter such regrets,

say big or small, say small or not small

people always feel uncomfortable just because of the blow or loss

for example, the newly bought ice cream fell out without eating it

for example, after waiting in line for a long time, the last one was just bought by the person in front

for example, when others buy goods at a preferential price,

I missed the preferential time...

I chose autumn clothes and trousers for a long time yesterday, and finally saw my favorite style,

then look down at the details of the goods,

I found that the preferential price had just ended the day before

tie... Tie

after the original price is restored, the price is fully increased by 30 yuan

my mentality collapsed in an instant

for the invisible poor like me,

do you care about this 30 yuan

no! no no What I care about is that the discount is gone

if only I had seen the discount earlier,

if only the discount lasted longer

do you expect this when you sigh

recently, many people have participated in the discount of Wang lihi Shopping Festival. This discount is very different

because it really meets everyone's expectations

not only is the discount extremely strong, but also the scope of the discount is nationwide. The most important thing is that the discount lasts for a long time

the event will last until November 25

in fact, the preferential event began as early as November 5

due to the great strength of the discount, it soon attracted a large number of customers.

some introduced relatives and friends to the store to grab the discount at the first time.

after signing the order, customers

also took pictures to speak for Wang Li

in recent years, as a national door lock brand,

conform to the trend, actively promote new retail,

pay more attention to customers' consumption experience, and do enough and in-depth services

for example, online customer service will match the customers who come to consult with the nearest store,

exclusive shopping guide will make customers become members,

provide one-on-one long-term service,

each shopping guide's mobile phone also has the cashier function,

the efficiency is greatly improved,


great discounts and considerate services are waiting for you

the preferential activities are still in progress,

don't let the regret continue

for more details, you can search "Wang Li flagship store" on Taobao or tmall

or go to the nearest Wang Li exclusive store to inquire about

(source: Wang Li An Fang official account)





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